Sunday, October 11, 2009

Twilight Zone for Rev. Pinkney, the first person
ever to be imprisoned for paraphrasing the Bible

A new "Opinion & Order" written by Berrien County
Judge Butzbaugh, makes little sense. There will be an appeal

Brief summary:

1. Butzbaugh, after delaying for at least 2 months,
rendered this opinion, contrary to the original
probation order (it had no tether provision in it).

2. Butzbaugh, contrary to what we understand the law to be,
imposed a tether condition which in essence continues the
24 hour house arrest which was put on by Judge Wiley, and
should have been removed after Rev. Pinkney won on
probation violation at the State Appeals Court last June.

3. Butzbaugh appeared to try to criticize the State Court of
Appeals, and continues to maintain the idea that Rev. Pinkney
had threatened him.

4. Butzbaugh, who admittedly is biased because he
disqualified himself, made the decision against Rev. Pinkney
before he disqualified himself. (He should have gotten off the
case in July or August.)

5. Butzbaugh appeared to try to criticize the Berrien County
prosecutors in this opinion.

Again, the Opinion & Order makes no sense and there will be an appeal.

Please contact -
Judge Alfred M Butzbaugh
Berrien County Circuit Court
811 Port Street
St. Joseph, Michigan 49085-1187

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