Friday, September 25, 2009

Only in Berrien County and Only Rep. Fred Upton

In his southwest Michigan district, Rep. to US Congress Fred Upton is increasingly being called Fred Upchuck. And, his Whirlpool company newspaper, the Herald Palladium, is known as the Herald Pollution.

It's a shameful rag which hides all Whirlpool and Upton secrets and tries to keep the county population in the dark about information of any import.

A recent FRONT PAGE Herald Pollution piece crystalizes the problem faced by county residents who care about being educated about real news. A quick look at the following recent letters to the editor (surprizingly printed by the Pollution) tells the sickening story. Letters have been shortened, but no wording has been altered.

Who cares what music is played for House callers?

I am sincerely offended that The Herald-Palladium would headline the front page of the paper with Fred Upton being upset about the music being played during "on hold" telephone calls to the Congress. A brief paragraph elsewhere in the paper would have been more appropriate. Mr. Upton should be embarrassed as well.

Mr. Upton's energy should be devoted to some critical thinking about solving the major problems facing the country, such as: providing reasonable health care for the populace; bringing clean energy jobs home to Michigan, where they are desperately needed (which he voted against); improving education for the state's children and how to have more students finishing college; having input in legislation that will rein in Wall Street, the banks and insurance companies like AIG.

Diana Harper, Benton Harbor

Focus on what matters, not on trivial pursuits

In reading Elaine Ruell's letter in the Sept. 10 newspaper ("Upton, H-P should be ashamed for being trivial"), I wanted to call her and thank her for expressing what a lot of people in this area feel. Yep - some of our so-called "representatives" have nothing better to do than focus on the ridiculous, rather than working on what is best for the people of this state and nation. Elevator music! What a joke. Once, just once, I'd like to hear Upton speak out about something.

OK, now let me call Washington and see what the tune of the day is.

Ralph Catania, Benton Harbor

Letter writer was right on in criticizing Upton


Thank you, Elaine Ruell of South Haven, for writing the letter ("Upton, H-P should be ashamed for being trivial") I meant to write regarding Upton's grandstanding flap over the music on hold in congressional offices. I, too, found it ridiculous that The H-P thought it was headline news.

Janis Sexton, Buchanan

Mr. Upton should stop wasting his time and taxpayer money on call-waiting music and get busy speaking out against the Republican losers who are engaging in a national tantrum that is getting out of control. It could cost him some votes, and possibly even his job, but it would still be the most worthwhile thing he ever did in office.

Scott Elliott, Benton Harbor