Saturday, August 22, 2009

Beyond Anything Imaginable in the Year 2009

These photos were taken Aug 15, 2009 prior to the NAACP organizational meeting in Benton Harbor, MI.

The first 4 photos are of signs found on every corner in the lavish downtown area of St. Joseph, MI where the white town has parks, a huge beach, band shell, art center and sculptures. It is a destination for the wealthy and the white as evidenced by the signs.

The two sculptures are part of St. Joseph summer art.

About one mile away, over the bridge one can see Benton Harbor where a new road (federal stimulus dollars?) is going toward the Jack Nicklaus Golf Course with an approved strip club. Benton Harbor land was taken by Harbor Shores (Whirlpool) for the huge development.

These two buildings are indicative of the overall infrastructure of Benton Harbor. There is a small gentrified area of Benton Harbor where artists have purchased buildings cheaply and put their studios, etc. Overall, Benton Harbor has one little fountain surrounded by a fence so that no one can get close to it, an old house as an historical museum, and a large police presence.