Saturday, August 01, 2009

As the Benton Harbor Police Dept. scandals go on and on and on, it should be kept in mind who pushes the buttons from behind the curtain.

When a corporation and a rep. to congress run everything and everyone, everything and everyone are compromised. Rules, procedures, and laws are distorted to benefit those who've taken power. Money is siphoned. People are on the take. Grants are phoney. The true enemies of the people and the land are the Whirlpool Corp. and Upton, but it's their victims who pay and do time. And, in one way or another, we are all their victims. How can Berrien clean itself up with this giant behemoth monster and hand maiden in the midst of all goings-on?

PS - Drug planting is happening concurrently with the continuing reports of corruption which, of course, never mention the corporation or Upton. Of course, because the reporters are also controlled. And, prosecutor Cotter hasn't released even close to the real number of Benton Harbor African-Americans "found" with drugs.