Monday, August 31, 2009

Comment from Jay just posted after August 9, 2008 report:

The court is looking for an acceptance and acceptor under 3-410 of the U.C.C. as the Principle has the primary obligation to pay or discharge any instrument presented for acceptance. Since they are presenting a Bill of Exchange [indictment] for acceptance. This is called an acceptance for honor, which involves a negotiable instrument especially a bill of exchange [indictment] that has been accepted for payment. The complaint, information, or indictment is a three party Draft, Commercial paper, or Bill of Exchange under Article 3 of the U.C.C. The Grand Jury Foreman is the Drawer or Maker of the Indictment by his signature, the Defendant/Debtor or Strawman is the Drawee and the State is the Payee and the live man is the Payor. What they are doing in the courtroom is all commercial, this is in conformity to 27 CFR 72.11, where it says all crimes are commercial. What the judge and prosecutor are doing in the courtroom is making a commercial presentment under section 3-501 (1) "Unless excused (section 3-511) presentment is necessary to charge secondary parties as follows":
(a) Presentment for acceptance is necessary to charge the drawer and endorsers of a draft where the draft so provides, or is payable elsewhere than at the residence or place of business of the drawee, or its date of payment depends upon such presentment. The holder may at his option present for acceptance any other draft payable at a stated date;
(b) presentment for payment is necessary to charge any endorser;
(c) in the case of any drawer, the acceptor of a draft payable at a bank or the maker of a note payable at a bank, presentment for payment is necessary, but failure to make presentment discharges such drawer, acceptor or maker only as stated in section 3-502 (1)(B).
If you don't accept the charge or presentment you are in dishonor for no acceptance under 3-505 of the U.C.C. (c) and 3-501 (2) (a), (b). Acceptance is the drawer's signed engagement to honor the draft as presented. It must be written on the draft, and may consist of his signature alone. It becomes operative when completed by delivery or notification 3-410 of the U.C.C.
You are the fiduciary trustee of the strawman which is a Cesti Que Trust; in this capacity you have the responsibility to discharge all his debts, by operation of law. You are also the principal or asset holder on the private side of the accounting ledger; you are holding the exemption necessary to discharge the debt. When they monetize debt they have to have a principal, capital and interest is what circulates as principal and is called revenue or re-venue. Principal is where venue lies. Revenue is a Tax debt or Tax bills. All bills when presented represent revenue, interest, capitol, or accruals circulating from you as the principal, when it is returned back to you as capital or interest it is called income or in-coming. This method of accounting is called the "Accrual Accounting Method" and is represented by debits and credits. Debits are assets Credits are liabilities. The credits and liabilities have to be in balance, this is accomplished through double bookkeeping entries or reverse bookkeeping entry.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Detroit News 8/29/09 Evansville, Ind. Whirlpool factory to close. WP Corp announced Fri. its 2010 refrigerator factory closure, cutting 1,100 jobs to trim capacity. Benton Harbor based WP will move production of top freezer refrigerators to Mexico, where production is cheaper. Evansville produced ice makers will move to a yet undecided location. Jobs will be eliminated mid-2010.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Beyond Anything Imaginable in the Year 2009

These photos were taken Aug 15, 2009 prior to the NAACP organizational meeting in Benton Harbor, MI.

The first 4 photos are of signs found on every corner in the lavish downtown area of St. Joseph, MI where the white town has parks, a huge beach, band shell, art center and sculptures. It is a destination for the wealthy and the white as evidenced by the signs.

The two sculptures are part of St. Joseph summer art.

About one mile away, over the bridge one can see Benton Harbor where a new road (federal stimulus dollars?) is going toward the Jack Nicklaus Golf Course with an approved strip club. Benton Harbor land was taken by Harbor Shores (Whirlpool) for the huge development.

These two buildings are indicative of the overall infrastructure of Benton Harbor. There is a small gentrified area of Benton Harbor where artists have purchased buildings cheaply and put their studios, etc. Overall, Benton Harbor has one little fountain surrounded by a fence so that no one can get close to it, an old house as an historical museum, and a large police presence.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Thoughts for the day

Martin Luther King: “The white establishment is skilled in flattering and cultivating emerging leaders. It presses its own image on them and finally, from imitation of manners, dress, and style of living, a deeper strain of corruption develops. This kind of Negro leader acquires the white man's contempt for the ordinary Negro. He is often more at home with the middle-class white than he is among his own people. His language changes, his location changes, his income changes, and ultimately he changes from the representative of the Negro to the white man into the white man's representative to the Negro. The tragedy is that too often he does not recognize what has happened to him.”

"Every activity that asserts individuality and autonomy from corporate/government/religious control is in itself a profoundly revolutionary act."

Word to Developers:
Choose only one master -- Nature. Rembrandt, painter and etcher (1606-1669)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 32: Pinkney Still Under Unconstitutional, Illegal House Arrest Enforced by Berrien County, Michigan Courthouse

Free Speech, Brave Preacher Prevail

Freed Michigan minister busted for writing an article
about a judge challenges area plutocratic establishment

THE BIG PICTURE/By Mark Anderson, American Free Press writer and host of RBN's When Worlds Collide, Saturdays, 7 to 9 p.m. central

BENTON HARBOR, Michigan – Arrogance, unaccountability and far-reaching control have been attributed to many judges in America in recent years. Ballot initiatives in North Dakota and elsewhere have taken place to try and reign in judges who don’t allow defendants to bring forth crucial evidence and witnesses to help their case, and who micromanage and manipulate juries which are supposed to have considerably more power under the original understanding of the American system.

Well, in southwest Michigan such apparent arrogance almost railroaded a 60-year-old preacher for up to 10 years for writing a newspaper article about a judge. Noted attorney Hugh “Buck” Davis said last year that the Rev. Edward Pinkney may have been the first preacher ever imprisoned in the U.S. for writing an article.

However, Rev. Pinkney served only a fraction of that time in prison. An appellate court in Michigan last month approved his appeal, saying his constitutional rights were trampled upon and that tossing him in the dungeon for writing an article had nothing to do with rehabilitating him or protecting the public. and out of no less than seven prisons in Michigan to destabilize him and keep him away from his supporters and family...

His “naughty” article...took Berrien County Judge Alfred Butzbaugh to task...The judge found the article threatening. Yet, the First Amendment prevailed in the end.

...public-but-expensive [golf]course and the rest of it mainly as “rich man’s recreation” in an overall community that needs manufacturing jobs so a middle class can take root where it once thrived and the tax base can be restored to fund the schools and sufficient public services and programs.

The government machine, as [Pinkney] sees it, had grown weary of him due to his highly visible court-watching activism he had pursued since 2000, keeping tabs on what he says are abnormally high imprisonment rates in predominantly black Benton Harbor.

Pinkney was a prominent figure (who tried to be a voice of reason) in the 2003 uprising of city residents who were angry over the death of a young black man who some alleged died because overly-aggressive police forced his motorcycle off the road. The summer “riots” led to the burning of several houses and city-level martial law was apparent. Armored personnel carriers and police, armed military-style, prowled the streets.

The golf course/housing development, that can only produce seasonal service jobs and some non-permanent construction work, has the backing of a private Harbor Shores development group linked to the Benton Harbor-based appliance giant, the Whirlpool Corp., along with the city government’s apparent blessing, and the concurrence of the county and state. U.S. Congressman Fred Upton is part of the mix, as he is a Whirlpool heir and backer of the development.

The area’s political-economic “machine,” according to Pinkney and his supporters, aids and abets the “gentrification” of Benton Harbor, wherein a once prosperous city has been hurt by corporate favoritism and certain government welfare and trade policies over the decades, pushing poor blacks, some poor whites and others to the margins – a kind of upper-class dominance that seems to promise genuine improvements but in the end establishes a microcosm of today’s world, where the plutocratic minority (the rich few of whatever background) continue to favor free trade (such as NAFTA, that Rep. Upton approved) and pursue other policies and projects that might make some marginal improvements but in the end are little more than fool’s gold.

As commentator Paul Craig Roberts often has stated, America has had its fill of service and hospitality jobs and needs to produce durable goods via manufacturing so the U.S. trade deficit can be reversed into a surplus and cities like Benton Harbor that once thrived can thrive again, from the bottom up, not from the top down.

Full article:

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Day 24: Rev. Pinkney is still under house arrest, paying $105.00 per week for the electronic tether, despite the ruling of the State of Michigan Appeals Court 24 days ago. This is the reality of rogue Berrien County.

Berrien County probation officer, Jim Pjesky, tipped off Judge Alfred Butzbaugh about the Peoples Tribune article Rev. Edward Pinkney wrote. In it, Pinkney called the judge racist, corrupt, and dumb; he also paraphrased the bible. Judge Dennis Wiley ruled this a violation of Pinkney's 15th condition of his probation. Both Pjesky and Wiley knew this was not true, but since they operate in the Berrien County power structure, it is with great ease that they wheel and deal and lie without compunction. Corruption is permitted by the state and governor's office. (Strong Whirlpool Corporation ties.) Corruption is also permitted by the residents of the county.

Judge Wiley sentenced Pinkney to a 3-10 year prison term for paraphrasing the bible in
the Tribune article. He conspired with Butzbaugh, prosecutor Gerald Vigansky, probation officer Pjesky, and sheriff Paul Bailey to remove and silence Pinkney. Pinkney served a year in 8 different Michigan prisons.

This was a vicious prosecution which the State Court of Appeals reversed. The opinion stated that Judge Wiley impinged on Pinkney's 1st amendment rights, violated the constitution, broke the law, and that the trial court abused it's discretion. The prohibition was not proper as it was not directly related to anything.

The traditional integrity of the law, it's moral roots having transcendent qualities,
is disappearing not only from the minds of law professors and law students, but also from the consciousness of the vast majority of citizens. The law itself is becoming more fragmented and subjective, geared to expediency rather than morality. In Berrien County we can go further to say that it's geared towards the desires of the white and wealthy, severely oppressing the poor and Benton Harbor African-Americans. (Don't forget: with Butzbaugh at the helm, the Berrien County Court convicts the highest number of innocents and juveniles in Michigan.)

Saturday, August 01, 2009

As the Benton Harbor Police Dept. scandals go on and on and on, it should be kept in mind who pushes the buttons from behind the curtain.

When a corporation and a rep. to congress run everything and everyone, everything and everyone are compromised. Rules, procedures, and laws are distorted to benefit those who've taken power. Money is siphoned. People are on the take. Grants are phoney. The true enemies of the people and the land are the Whirlpool Corp. and Upton, but it's their victims who pay and do time. And, in one way or another, we are all their victims. How can Berrien clean itself up with this giant behemoth monster and hand maiden in the midst of all goings-on?

PS - Drug planting is happening concurrently with the continuing reports of corruption which, of course, never mention the corporation or Upton. Of course, because the reporters are also controlled. And, prosecutor Cotter hasn't released even close to the real number of Benton Harbor African-Americans "found" with drugs.