Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wendy Dant-Chesser, Harbor Shores CEO, Wants a Strip Club for Benton Harbor

It's not enough for Whirlpool/Harbor Shores to commit genocide and environmental devastation; now they will force a crime-causing enterprise on Benton Harbor

It won't surprise most that Rep. Fred Upton and gang, ethics in the gutter, need a strip club to while away their time. Never in St. Joe, though. Dant-Chesser attended the Benton Harbor 7/20/09 city commission meeting asking for permission to allow Harbor Shores to open a strip club in Benton Harbor. Not all commissioners voted yes. However, enough did, including several of Muslim faith, and one pastor. (see first web search headline below...) Harbor Shores has it's strip club, thanks to the continued selling out of Benton Harbor by the majority city commissioners.

A simple web search brings up the following descriptions of the ways strip clubs have
affected some different areas of the US:

It is our understanding that some city officials received “favors” to approve the license...We also found out that the club is doing illegal work in the premises and the Department of Building is looking the other way...They are playing dirty.

Strip Club License May Be Stripped - Days after a shooting rampage at a Springfield strip club, the establishment has closed, and it's license may be revoked.

Strip club keeps license despite having 12-year-old runaway as a "worker"

Iowa Strip Club Features 17-Year-Old Dancer, Claims Artistic License

The West Side Scores has been closed since May, when the State Liquor Authority took its license after a prostitution bust...honey trap for out-of-town businessmen, who blew expense accounts on lap dances and champagne magnums, only to have their hangovers worsened by mind-boggling tabs.

The council revoked the club's license after a dancer was convicted of soliciting prostitution, an act the Davaris had promised would never happen at their club.