Saturday, July 11, 2009

Quacy Roberts Update

Petty revenge by law enforcement, similar to elementary playground shenanigans, only now lethal and life-ruining

Quacy Roberts, Benton Harbor resident who told the truth in court about drug planting by a BH police officer, is now a target. Police and sheriff deputies rushed him against a fence and he ended up in Berrien County jail after having drugs planted on him again. After a few weeks behind bars his girlfriend just provided bond of TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS by putting her house up for collateral. Quacy is free now at great cost to her.

There are about 20 other residents who courageously told the truth about Officer Andrew Collins - you can imagine the fear they live with 24/7 in the scariest county in the state.

Each time cops in this county go after Benton Harbor residents, there is a ripple effect. Children are sent to live with aunts. Spouses and family members are bereft. This is all part of the plan. Whirpool Corp., Rep. Fred Upton, Wendy Dant-Chesser, and the Gang need an ethnic cleansing for their golf course, and by any means necessary, they will get it. Gov. Granholm is their benevolent godmother. And most of Michigan knows nothing about this.