Friday, July 03, 2009


Concerned citizens with some sense of morality and tax payers in Michigan should be aware of the waste of tax dollars and the inhumane treatment going on in Benton Harbor, Michigan. A gentleman by the name of Quacy Roberts is the latest victim of the Benton Harbor Police, the county sheriff, the corrupt court system in Berrien County, and the all-white powers of St. Joe, Michigan. Excessive waste and incessant need to jail people for drug charges is occuring in Michigan. Benton Harbor police and the Berrien county judicial system are angered by anyone who speaks up about their ability to control and oppress the poor black citizens in Benton Harbor. The police have gotten away with such heinous acts as drug planting, physical abuse similar to Rodney King, and charges that are only juried via white citizens.

Quacy Roberts is the most recent victim. A man of 32, Quacy was walking down the street in Benton Harbor and was literally attacked by a group of police officers one afternoon. He was physically assaulted. Quacy had been a recent victim of the officer who was found guilty of drug plantings and had been a part of citizens who were victimized by the officer (Andrew Collins). As revenge, the police have singled him out to make a tough statement; if you don't succumb to our oppressive power, you will be jailed and we will swallow the key.

Is it HIGH TIME the citizens of Michigan REFUSE to let our tax dollars be wasted on personal vendetta's of corrupt officials. It is high time we take a MORAL stance in Benton Harbor - a city positioned in Jim Crow laws when juxtaposed with St. Joe. How can we turn our backs on the oppression and poverty in Benton Harbor and live with ourselves?

Quacy Roberts needs citizen action. Call the Michigan Dept. of Corrections (517-335-1426), Gov. Granholm (517-335-7858), and call your state representative about this case and the waste in Berrien county - they need a reasonable drug court or case management system for those in need of help. We must not pay over $35,000 (per person) to lock him up when his crime is hard to even identify, and when the officials locking him up are driven by bizarre power and greed. All white juries for black men being charged with drug related crimes is NOT ETHICAL.

New innovative programs must develop to help drug offenders (or those accused of being drug offenders when no real proof is available) and to help the crazy people who are locking them up. In addition, we must be mindful of the politicians who are setting the stage for stealing land (Jean Klock Park) and for denying citizens of such basic services as parks, libraries, and their own rich history. (ST. JOE, MICHIGAN SHOULD BE ASHAMED.)