Monday, June 08, 2009

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It's All About Federal Drug Money & African-American Incarceration, 3/11/09

"I can relate to this and can take it back to 1976 when Nick Jewell was sheriff.I saw the dirt first hand and with my own eyes.Dig into history and find out why officers Tom Diepert and Tom Exxum who worked for metro narcotics were arrested which was kept under covers.How about St Joe officer now retired Don Ives allowing county officer Steve Marshke to have drug parties at Dons house with there homosexual buddies.Tim Obrien was another story along with Eau Claire native Paul Bailey who is a racist along with his buddy officer John Hopkins whos brother was a coke dealer and allways overlooked ( I know I was there).I do not live in the area anymore (thank god) but have known or have been personaly involved on a social level with these people for almost 40 years.Benton Harbor used to be one of the most industrial flourishing towns in the nation and now it seems that all it produces is trumped up charges."