Thursday, April 09, 2009

Rep.Fred Upton Swaps Public Lakefront and Dune Property for Contaminated & Industrial Waste Parcels

[much of the land proposed to be traded for the parts of Jean Klock Park to be privatized into part of the Harbor Shores golf course was polluted -- and DNR, DEQ, and the City of BH knew it but didn't disclose it to the public. Protect Jean Klock Park asks US Army Corps of Engineers to rescind its approval for the land swap.]

Bush to speak to developers in Benton Harbor
By Eartha Jane Melzer 3/30/09 Michigan Messenger

Former president George W. Bush will make what is being billed as his first domestic post-presidency speech to the Economic Development Club of Southwestern Michigan in Benton Harbor on May 28.

The economic development club was founded in 1943 by Lewis Upton who also founded the Whirlpool Corp.

Benton Harbor is home to a long-simmering controversy over plans to build a private golf course in the city’s lakefront park. Last year, after heavy lobbying from local Republican congressman Fred Upton, the National Park Service approved a plan to swap public lakefront and dune property for a series of inland parcels that are contaminated with industrial waste. In an ongoing federal suit locals are suing to reverse federal and state approval of the project.