Thursday, March 05, 2009

Herald Palladium WATCH/Berrien County Court WATCH
[One woman propaganda machine: Wendy-Dant Chesser - Herald Palladium board,
Cornerstone Alliance President, Harbor Shores Trustee, Alliance for World-Class
Communities officer, self-appointed Benton Harbor commissioner.
(H-P sold in 2000 to Paxton Media Group, Paducah, Ky; Whirlpool VP Jeff Noel from Ky.)]

Anatomy of another phony Benton Harbor drug "report" from January 09 (below):

The Herald Palladium employs their usual phrase, "after a 2 week investigation" - Berrien County law enforcement claim they investigate in order to cover and legitimize their illegal actions. (What St. Joe, white, HP readers would believe there are innocent arrests/convictions going on in the next town if there are "2 week investigations?")

Two other ways they cover themselves are to say "neighbors complained" of drug activity, and "informants" told police.

We know these are false allegations because if you are a BH resident, the last thing you'd do is call the police or sheriff. EVER. In no Michigan town are law enforcement more feared. The only term to describe their relationship with residents is "the enemy."

Another thing about BH: there are more people living under the bridge than in Harbor Towers (200-300 apartments). The level of poverty is almost unthinkable, such that an extremely desperate homeless person, who Berrien County officials have absolutely no regard for, will do anything for a dollar. ANYTHING. Turning in friends and relatives for money is not unheard of. We're talking basic, desperate survival needs. So, paid informants are easy for law enforcement to find. When the HP says "informants" told police, maybe they did and maybe they didn't. The term "informant," again, gives cops' (illegal) activity credibility and legitimacy.

Notice how vague this report is: suspected crack...., evidence of illegal whatever....
And what's this about a 48 year old being arrested for having an "open intoxicant?" It's difficult to even comment on this... The 65 year old man has been in a wheel chair for many years and has never assaulted anyone. Ever.

But everyone has to get cleared out so Fred can play golf!

Five arrested on crack, trafficking charges

Neighbors complained about drug activity at house
BENTON HARBOR - Five people were arrested after police acted on a search warrant at a house in Benton Harbor on Wednesday.
The Berrien County Sheriff's Department Narcotics Unit, along with county road patrol, the Benton Harbor Police Department and members of the FBI Violent Crimes Task Force, went to ***********
around 1:45 p.m. Five of the seven people at the house were arrested on warrants or drug charges after police found $20 worth of suspected crack cocaine and other evidence of illegal drug trafficking.
[what kind of department spends thousands to take $20 worth of cocaine?]
*************, 40, of the*********** address, was arrested for investigation on charges of possession of crack cocaine and maintaining a drug house. ****************, 65, of the same address, was arrested on a warrant charging him with assault with a dangerous weapon.
Also arrested were: **************, 48, of *************, on a warrant for possession and consumption of open intoxicants; ***************, 40, a homeless man, on a disorderly conduct warrant; and **********, 19, on a warrant out of Kalamazoo for possession of marijuana.
According to a sheriff's department news release, police obtained a search warrant after a two-week investigation into citizen complaints about drug activity at the residence.
In another case earlier Wednesday, one person was arrested after police acted on a search warrant at ************, after citizens complained about drug activity at the apartment.
Police arrested ***********, 17, for investigation on a charge of possession of cocaine and maintaining a drug house.
In a search around 8:15 a.m., police found a small amount of suspected crack cocaine and other evidence of illegal drug activity. ************* was taken to the Berrien County Jail to await formal charges, and two other adults at the apartment were released with no charges.