Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Herald Palladium WATCH
One woman propaganda machine: Wendy-Dant Chesser, Herald Palladium board, Cornerstone Alliance President, Harbor Shores Trustee, Alliance for World-Class Communities officer, self-appointed BH commissioner. (H-P sold in 2000 to Paxton Media Group, Paducah, Ky. Whirlpool VP Jeff Noel from Ky.)

Whirlpool increases transparency (commentary in CAPS]

Appliance maker to list political contributions on Web By K. Allen H-P 3/1/09
BENTON TOWNSHIP - Anyone interested in knowing which candidates, trade associations and other tax-exempt organizations are on the receiving end of Whirlpool Corp.'s political contributions will soon have an easy way to find the information. [GOOD. NOW WE CAN EASILY SEE WHICH JUDGES ARE ON WHIRPOOL'S PAYROLL]

After May 1, the Benton Township-based appliance maker will begin posting its political contributions under the governance section at www.whirlpoolcorp.com. [SINCE THE ADVENT OF THE WEB, WHIRLPOOL SHOULD HAVE POSTED THIS INFO. NOT SURPRISING THAT IT WILL TAKE TWO MONTHS TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO PLAY THIS ONE]

Green Century Capital Management, a Boston-based investment adviser focused on environmentally responsible investing, urged Whirlpool to take the step to increase transparency.

"We actually had that kind of information. It was available," said Jeff Noel, Whirlpool's vice president of communications. "We were taking steps to do this anyway, so we welcomed the opportunity to work with them." [SORRY JEFF, YOUR COVER-UP DOESN'T WASH. YOU REALLY THINK MOST READERS BELIEVE YOU WOULD HAVE ALLOWED THIS INFO. ON THE WEB ON YOUR OWN?]

Emily Stone, shareholder advocate at Green Century, said more than 60 major companies have made similar moves to increase transparency. "Over the last few years it's been growing almost exponentially," she said.

Green Century drafted a resolution raising the concern that while Whirlpool has taken many steps to address global warming, it has also supported trade associations - such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and National Association of Manufacturers - that continue to lobby against strong action on the issue. [THE HP IS GROWING A BIT OF HONESTY IN REPORTING! WAY TO GO, HP! CUTTING THE APRON STRINGS WILL MAKE YOU A MUCH MORE INTERESTING, SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE, AND EVEN FINANCIALLY VIABLE PAPER]

"It is crucial that shareholders know how corporate funds are used to assess the risks that the company's political spending may pose to the company and to avoid supporting lobbying activity they may oppose," said Larisa Ruoff, director of shareholder advocacy at Green Century. [JUST THE KIND OF INFORMATION WHIRLPOOL WITHHOLDS: CRUCIAL]

Noel said Whirlpool's political action committee, to which employees may voluntarily donate money, gave $42,000 to candidates on both sides of the aisle last year. [THIS MAY BE WHAT YOU REPORTED, JEFF, BUT DON'T YOU THINK MANY READERS BELIEVE THE FIGURE IS MUCH HIGHER? (IN ORDER TO INFLUENCE LEGISLATION WHICH WOULD BENEFIT WP)]

A committee comprised of employees decides where to contribute the PAC money, he said.

Noel pointed out that $42,000 is a "pretty small amount of money" considering Whirlpool takes in more than $19 billion in revenue annually. [RIGHT ON, JEFF. TRUTH-SPEAK WILL SET YOU FREE. 42K IS FAR TOO SMALL TO HAVE ANY CREDIBILITY]

"I think it's appropriate we're engaged, but I think it's also appropriate that we disclose the information," he said, adding that decisions made in Washington, D.C., and state capitals around the country "are critically important to our business and the communities where we operate." [WHERE YOU ARE OUTSOURCING JOBS, RUINING LIVES, BUILDING A RESORT/GOLF COURSE FOR YOURSELVES, ENCOURAGING RACISM IN THE WORKPLACE, PUMPING UP COMPANIES AND CALLING THEM "NON-PROFITS", ETC. ETC.]