Tuesday, March 17, 2009

3/16/09, HP
Taxpayers pay high price for drug lifer law

As a Michigan police officer, I learned that drug dealers accept the death penalty and long prison terms as conditions of employment. Certainly Alvin William did ("How much prison time is enough?" March 8). Michigan's 650 Lifer Law never had any impact on drug availability. The DEA reports in its brochure that "drugs are readily available to America's youth." Now the only ones suffering, besides Mr. Williams, are Michigan taxpayers. By the way, new drug dealers took the place of Mr. Williams and his four buddies within days of their arrest. There is so much easy money to be made, new people jump at the chance to sell drugs. Will Michigan ever become as wise as our grandparents and end this modern Prohibition?

Howard Wooldridge, Frederick, Md.
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Mike wrote on Mar 16, 2009 It's nice to see someone with personal experience point out the absurdity of our laws. They only strengthen a dealers position and provide incentive for others to step into the market, as you stated. The War On Drugs is over, and anyone with a sliver of dignity can safely say we've lost. Now it's time to approach this issue from a more civilized and logical direction.
And, enough with these tough guy DEA agents who preach the good work that they do, then pound beers at the local tavern on the way home. It's their job to walk through the California mountains and CHOP DOWN PLANTS. Righteous work indeed. Ha, what a joke.

--interesting article on the drug war's big picture:
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