Monday, February 09, 2009

Berrien tax payers keep funding projects for the wealthy

Ship canal is another potential boondoggle, 2/8/09 HP


Whoops! Here we go again. The Benton Harbor ship canal is another ill-conceived project which hasn't been financially feasible and is of benefit to so few.

Wake up and smell the dead roses. You know, the state and federal governmental units are just awaiting ideas like this to spend taxpayer money on. Sounds just like the pork-barrel projects of bridges that lead to nowhere. Wouldn't it be much better to buy Street Department equipment [for] Benton Harbor to improve streets, keep the tree lawns clean of trash, refund the Water Department, etc.?

Of course that would take a whole set of new and more creative ideas to explain the same in a different way. But we do have a lot of creative people in the area. For example, take the other projects that Cornerstone has developed, like an 18-hole playground.

Norbert Cramer, St. Joseph