Thursday, January 22, 2009

Web Info on Jason McGee, another of thousands(?) of Berrien County "casualties"

What is community news?
Submitted Wed, 9/26/2007

It seems that if you are not a celebrity or a citizen with an abundant bank account, then you are not "community news." Jason McGee was a citizen and resident of Benton Harbor. It was only as good as the story could last when the HP reported Jason McGee's whereabouts concerning the murder with falsehoods and painted an ugly picture to the citizens of Benton Harbor. Then they had to recant the story because it was proven that Jason was not part of a gang, never had violence been apart of his life. But when I asked if this story could resurface in the Herald Palladium, reporter Dalgleish told me that its "not community news." What is community news? Jason is a black man unjustly done wrong in his teenage life and he is not considered "community news."

It is the responsiblity of the journalist to keep the citizens of Benton Harbor aware of what is going in our justice system concerning our town be it black, white, or any other race. The purpose of the newspaper is to inform us about the community and what goes on in it. We rarely get good news of what upstanding black people are doing in the community that supports positivity! [nor the truth about injustice being metted out daily by cops and in the courthouse: the HP is complicit]

Bringing Awareness
Submitted Mon, 9/24/2007

I'm excited to see there is a forum for information and awareness for all of us to explore.

I'm just reminding people to keep their minds locked on the name Jason McGee. Jason Mcgee is from Benton Harbor. He was sent to prison at the age of 17, fresh out of high school, and on his way to college the next year. He had no prior juvenile record and his dreams were halted. Please be aware that talking to someone about snitching is not a bad thing - it's a genuine concern for the community to get involved. If you are unfamiliar with this story the Herald Palladium ran a "version" of it in the summer of 1992.

Jason McGee did not tell on a friend and was sentenced to 14-25 years in Prison for second degree murder. Murder of a kid who tried to rob him and friend. His friend did the crime but did not do the time. His friend confessed to the murder 5 years after Jason was in prison and the family thought the saga was over and he did not get exonerated from prison. To date Jason McGee is in prison but goes before the Parole board today, September 24, 2007. Lets pray and talk to your children about the word snitching. It can save their life. Tell regardless if you think its wrong or right. It can be your child next time.

Andrew Collins, Distric Court, and Mr. McGee: