Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Comment posted

The HP ran a story on Tues. 12/9: Friends of Jean Klock Park is appealing the decision a Berrien County Trial Court judge made Aug. 22 in dismissing the environmental group's lawsuit against Benton Harbor and Harbor Shores.

Most of the comments after the article are propaganda, obviously posted by Whirlpool/Harbor Shores ruling elite. But here's one grounded in reality, containing some chilling facts:

"I am a life long resident of Benton Harbor for 36 years. A golf course is not going to help our community. It will destroy it. As real estate profits surge and code enforments compliance will make it impossible for the existing people to live in our community.
You all say it's good for Benton Harbor but all the profit making businesses are being built in St Joe and Benton Twp.
What about the jobs that Harbor Shores was to provide for Benton Harbor? The entire project was already reviewed by Judge Schofiled along with the other Berrien County Judges prior to the presenting to the City Government.
He has a vested interest in this project which should make him ineligible to make any decisions on how to proceed.
The Friends of Jean Klock are on point. The Golf Club is not going to allow any and everyone who is a citizen of Benton Harbor to be a member; it will be handled just like the Republicans Economic Club, and Rotary Clubs.
One will need to have a certain status to be a member and it will only be by recommendation.
The plan for the layout is eliminating the parking to a bare minimum and making renovations to have walk ways to the beach from the City of St Joesph. How is that a benefit to us?
Harbor Shores states that it will not build business on BH land due to soil. WTH! Then let's take time to get the soil treated and put the businesses there that will employ residents and give our community a better lifestyle.
Harbor Shores is using BH because most of the land is located in a Renaissance Zone and will not pay taxes to the cities. So all of the 200 to 600 homes will be tax free.
Our Mayor, City Manager and Commissioners better wake up or this will be their last tenure in the seats they are in.
Change is what we need but hidden agendas to benefit those who are already financially stable is not!