Friday, November 14, 2008

Michigan pastor says free speech violated

Another AP article was published in many media outlets this week:

Try googling: Michigan pastor says free speech violated - and be amazed!

Comment posted at the end of the article on ABC website WZZM 13:
"This situation is a total travesty. The land should never have been sold for a golf course, the Klock Family Park donated for the enjoyment of the residents of Benton Harbor residents in perpetuity has been stolen from the people and sold for the greed of the developers.
The article fails to mention that this conviction was only after the 1st trial with a mixed race jury failed to convict and the prosecutor retried it with an all white jury and the court doors were locked to the public during the 2nd trial so outside news coverage to monitor the trial was prevented.
It's corruption here plain and simple and it keeps getting ignored. We need a federal justice department investigation in this whole land grab and the attempts to silence anyone opposing.
I don't live in Benton Harbor I live very close and am a lifetime resident of this county I'm not African American either. Right is right and wrong is wrong.
The 2nd trial was a sham; he shouldn't have been convicted."