Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Be Very Careful When Traveling in Berrien County

A report has just come in from two men traveling on I-94 in Berrien County who were stopped by a county sheriff's deputy. When the driver informed the deputy that he was traveling under the speed limit, the deputy said, "Oh, then you were weaving." When the driver denied weaving, things kept happening: the vehicle was searched and damaged - lining was torn out of vehicle; another deputy and a state policeman were called to the scene; $100 dollars was confiscated from the driver's wallet ("It's for bond, since you might be spending the weekend in jail," is what the deputy said.) The two men were in court for three days and were able to see the Berrien County Court in it's full glory, up front and personal: all white juries convicting one black person after another, day after day. Lives and families continue to be torn apart and devastated. That's all part of the many-decade long plan in the courthouse in St. Joseph, Michigan. As more details are known about the two gentlemen, more will be reported here.