Sunday, September 14, 2008

We have all been duped from the beginning

HP, 9/13


Your opinion piece last Sunday (“Developers have every right to begin building holes”) concerning Klock Park makes the case for the opponents of the golf holes in Jean Klock Park. I quote, “Yet, since Harbor Shores is a private development funded by private investors, residents need not worry that millions of dollars could be ‘wasted’ on a boondoggle.”

That is the exact point that the Friends of Jean Klock Park has been making all along.

The park is not supposed to be turned over to private development. I remember years ago hearing about the plans to clean up the contamination in that area, and it was always portrayed as being something for the enjoyment of the public. This “line” was used to get public funding – millions of taxpayer dollars of it.

Everything that has been built and will be built is private. We have all been duped from the beginning.

Michele Megna Coloma