Sunday, September 28, 2008

Typical Fare for Whirlpool Company Paper Front Page

"Sixth sense - H-P staff /9/27/08
Berrien County Sheriff’s Deputy John Hopkins has chalked up an eye-popping number of drug arrests in his 25-year career – 1,056 arrests on 2,037 charges, according to sheriff’s depart­ment records."

Hopkins may recognize himself in the personage of a sheriff from the southwest who is profiled in the remarkable 2007 docu, American Drug War: The Last White Hope.

This well-made, well researched docu might be available to watch at Some points of interest:

50% of all current US prison inmates are non-violent drug offenders.

Our government has made it a business to lock up drug offenders instead of getting them treatment. Addiction is a disease - the goal should be a cure, not punishment.

The CIA is right in the middle of the crack epidemic in the US - facts will leave no doubt that
the gov. used drugs to finance illegal wars and continue to use them to suppress people of color.

The purpose of the ban on medical uses of marijuana is to benefit the pharmaceutical industry.

700,000 people die every year from alcohol (not counting traffic deaths), tobacco, and legal pharmaceuticals, while only 10,000 die from drug use, and no death has ever been reported from marijuana.

You will be surprized to find out where 85% heroin distributed worldwide comes from...

There are billions of dollars being spent on the war on drugs each year and what is the outcome of all that funding? The American Prison system. There are hundreds of thousands of mostly non-violent pot smokers being locked up for harming no one. This documentary shows how companies like the Partnership for a Drug Free America show commercials on television that are used as scare tactics to make us think that if someone buys a dimebag of grass to unwind that they are now a "terrorist" because they are supporting drugs. How are they supporting the war on drugs when the majority of marijuana used in the country is grown in the United States? It also shows how the CIA sells tons of cocaine to be distributed within the United States.

The docu provides solutions to these extremely serious problems.