Thursday, September 11, 2008

Green Party Nominee Rev. Pinkney's Campaign Speech

Green Party Nominee Rev. Pinkney to Challenge
Congressman Fred Upton, Heir to Whirlpool

Rev. Edward Pinkney of Benton Harbor, Michigan has joined the field of Green Party candidates challenging 13 of 16 Congressional Seats.

Rev. Pinkney is the latest entry in the 6th District Congressional race where the incumbent is Fred Upton (R St Joseph), the heir to whirlpool Corporation. Rev. Pinkney, a minister and activist, is serving a three to ten year prison term for quoting Biblical scripture to the corrupt Judge Alfred Butzbaugh. The judge who stands to make millions of dollars from land stolen from the residents of Benton Harbor for the Harbor Shores Project.

Rev. Pinkney’s Campaign Speech:

It is our constitutional duty as American citizens to hold our elected officials accountable for their words, action and inaction of wrong doing.

The Herald Palladium featured an article on Congressman Fred Upton’s position on energy, whereby he declared, “I think it’s the only issue in the upcoming election”. Congressman Fred Upton is so out of touch with the realities of what is happening in America that he believes that resolving this one issue will resolve everything for all Americans. Congressman Upton, there are other important issues currently affecting Americans. There are the issues such as the significant loss of jobs to Mexico and other cheap labor locations, the rapid expansion of the federal deficit, (This deficit will be devastating to all Americans if it is not reversed quickly.) billions of dollars wasted in Iraq, 50 million Americans without any health insurance, pension plans in jeopardy throughout both public and private sectors. Evidently Congressman Upton does not consider these issues important to American citizens of southwest Michigan. It is a shame he represents the citizens in Michigan with such an attitude and has a congressional record that ignores any resolution of these issues. Congressman Fred Upton has failed to face the reality about our problems for years.

I strongly suggest that the justice system in Berrien County needs to be investigated. The case against me, violating my First Amendment rights, should have everyone around the county, state and country saying No More to the Whirlpool Corporation, the Upton family and to 6th District U.S. Representative Fred Upton. A man that is out of touch with the citizens he represents.

The news release said I am paying a heavy price for my beliefs and I will get a chance to express them by running for office. I am the perfect candidate, who has sacrificed myself for the people.
The news release said I have opposed Whirlpool Corporation’s influence on local government and the plans to take Jean Klock Park away from the people of Benton Harbor for a Jack Nicklous Signature Golf Course priced for the wealthy. I have opposed the Harbor Shores Redevelopment Corporation, of which the Whirlpool Foundation is a part, who wants to take or steal 22 acres of the Jean Klock Park land for three holes of the Jack Nicklous Signature Golf Course.

The Green Party’s news release compared me, Rev. Pinkney, favorably with progressive era labor leader Eugene V. Debs, who was jailed by federal authorities for violating the 1917 Espionage Act by advocating WWI draft resistance. As Socialist Party nominee, Debs collected nearly a million votes for President in 1920 while sitting in federal prison. The winner Warren G. Harding pardoned Debs after assuming office.

The Ten Key Values in my platform are: decentralization, sustainability, social justice for all, non-violence, feminism, economics, ecological wisdom, respect for diversity, community and statewide jobs, no more war, solve the energy problem.

Lets get out and spread the word. Help me Rev. Pinkney unseat Congressman Upton who is out of touch with the people. I challenge Congressman Fred Upton to a debate, anytime. Let Us Change Michigan Together.