Thursday, August 21, 2008

Upton not facing reality about U.S. problems

Editor, (H P, 8/21/08)

On Aug. 8 The HeraldPalladium featured an article on Congressman Fred Upton’s position on energy, whereby he declared, “I think it’s the only issue” in the upcoming election.

Is Congressman Upton so out of touch with the realities of what is happening to America that he believes that resolving this one issue will resolve everything for all Americans?

Possibly Congressman Upton needs to be reminded that there are other important issues currently affecting Americans, such as: 1. Significant loss of jobs (including in Southwest Michigan) since he has been in office.

2. Rapid expansion of the federal deficit that could be devastating to all Americans if not reversed quickly.

3. Billions of dollars being wasted in Iraq.

4. 50 million Americans without any health insurance.

5. Pension plans in jeopardy throughout the public and private sectors.

Evidently Congressman Upton does not consider the above listed issues important.

It’s a shame he represents the citizens of Southwest Michigan with such an attitude and has a congressional record that ignores any resolutions of these issues.

John Aurand Bridgma