Friday, June 13, 2008


Mrs. Pinkney's mail is not being delivered to her husband. This is harassment by Sheriff Paul Bailey.
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By Pastor Mary Gault

The opinions written by citizens of Berrien County in the local newspaper reveal how few understand the real issues at stake in the Jean Klock Park struggle. They don't see the larger picture -- that the take over of the park is but one issue surrounding the Harbor Shores project. Do these citizens realize what was the first thing to happen when Rev. Edward Pinkney was accused of tampering with the votes for the recall of City Commissioner Glenn Yarbough? It was the invalidation of the whole election when there were still enough valid votes for the recall.
This dangerous precedent set by Judge Maloney (now a Federal Judge) opens the door for any judge anywhere to throw out any election they desire regardless of the votes of the people. It is about a system that allows the rich to get anything they want even if at the expense of the majority. This is a story of the system continually bulldozing over the rights of the citizens in the name of progress and jobs. The hundreds of jobs for Benton Harbor citizens highlighted as a reason to support the project by our Gov. Granholm has now been narrowed down to nine seasonal jobs that fall in the minimum wage category.
The high priced condos will only benefit the rich by increasing their property values (this includes U.S. Representative Fred Upton, Whirlpool CEO Jeff Fettig, and Judge Butzbaugh) while the poor will be forced out by high taxes and increased expectations on upkeep of their property -- expectations that can lead to condemned property and loss of homes.
Rev. Pinkney was right about the negative impact the Harbor Shores project will have on the citizens of Benton Harbor and the United States. He has paid the ultimate price for trying to stop the rich from taking over Benton Harbor through organizing the recall election of Glen Yarbough. He now sits in one of the filthiest, most inhumane county jails in the country, a jail where Berrien County prisoners are harassed, where the food is substandard, and contracting a lethal staph infection is highly possible.
This is all for the crime of seeing Whirlpool's land grab coming, and speaking truth to power. Rev. Edward Pinkney has repeatedly stated that Harbor Shores will provide few jobs or benefits for Benton Harbor residents. He said that fascism is the merging of the corporations (business interests) with government. No starker example than Berrien County can be found.

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Re: Harbor Shores: "Perhaps some of you do not own a foot of ground.
Remember then, that this is your park, it belongs to you," said John Klock,
a local newspaper publisher, when he gave the land to the city of Benton Harbor
in 1917 in honor of his daughter.