Sunday, June 29, 2008

Harbor Shores’ love affair won’t stand test of time

June 28, 2008


Let’s be realistic, Jean Klock Park was doomed from the very moment that Harbor Shores waltzed into the boardroom waving its fat checkbook. So it is, in retrospect, that I would encourage all Benton Harbor residents to examine the contract for themselves to ensure that all codicils and fine print coincide with expectations. Be aware that any loopholes or flexible language could very well be manipulated in the future (reference the original trust by the Jean Klock family).

Jean Klock Park is but another of the many pristine environments that have been violated by corporate America under the guise of public interest. The U.S. Forest Service estimates that development in its various forms eliminates 6,000 acres of natural land every day. In point of fact, Bush administration policies have to date opened up countless acres of public land to oil and gas exploration, logging and other commercial devastations.

I would liken what has just happened in Jean Klock Park to a courtship between Harbor Shores and representatives of the Benton Harbor city government. As is the case with most courtships, wooing Harbor Shores was very solicitous of the wants, needs and egos of the greater Benton Harbor community at the onset of their relationship.

This was with a narcissistic heart and a lecherous eye on the overall goal, which was to lure city officials into bed with them so that they could ravage the body, Jean Klock Park, to their selfish gratification.

Alas, citizens of Benton Harbor, I fear that this deal ultimately will not turn out as promised. Like many roguish suitors, it is extremely doubtful that Harbor Shores will respect you in the mourning (pun intended).

Robert D. Groenewoud Baroda