Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Whirlpool/Upton Land

The Yarbrough family is in favor of the takeover of Benton Harbor, and have for many years been in a "special status" position with Whirlpool. The following is a short report just received from a Benton Harbor resident:

"Two weeks ago a friend of mine heard on his scanner (who he believed to be) a Benton Harbor police officer who had pulled over (who he believed was) Charles Yarbrough for drunk driving. When the officer called (who he believed was) Chief Al Mingo and asked him what to do, Mingo said, "Let him go". The officer said to Mingo, "But he is very drunk and unable to drive." Mingo got angry, yelled at the officer, and said to let him go. Now, had this been any of us regular citizens, we would have been thrown in jail! But here in Berrien County the authorities play favorites. This is so wrong and so messed up. There is NO JUSTICE in Berrien County!"

(Charles Y. is ex-mayor of BH and brother of Glenn Y., former city commissioner who Rev. Pinkney initiated the recall of. Judge Paul Maloney, who George Bush recently appointed to the W. Michigan federal bench, reversed that election. Charles' wife, Mamie, is on the board of county commissioners.)