Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Harbor Shores: The Rich Get Richer

Sam Thomas of Ann Arbor is another wealthy corporate developer looking to cash in on the Harbor Shores humanitarian and environmental disaster of monumental proportion. On Feb. 28, 08 he applied for permission to build residential property on Lake Michigan just north of the planned Harbor Shores development. He owns Star Development & Financial Corporation. Also, Sam Thomas owns many low income rental buildings in Benton Harbor.

(Sam Thomas, Star Develolpment & Financial Corp., 1900 West Liberty, Ann Arbor, MI 48103)

* * *

Dorothy Pinkney reports that Berrien County jail visitors are not permitted to give anything to the front desk. Upon arrival visitors face a dark glass which they are viewed through. During a recent visit Mrs. P. rang the service bell 3 times and was finally dismissed by an intimidating voice saying, "We're busy." She traveled to the jail and was unable to have $2.90 deposited into Rev. Pinkney's account.

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New Style of Policing in America

A new “military-corporate” paramilitary style of policing has been introduced in American society. As automation eliminates jobs permanently, workers find themselves homeless, denied access to health care, and education and other necessities. The state is responding by reorganizing itself as an unrestrained apparatus of force to control the poor who are considered potentially explosive and must be held in check.
While most sharply and unjustly targeting minority communities, police state tactics are becoming common wherever the poor are found, particularly against homeless populations of all colors. As the jails and prisons become harsher hellholes of terror, and as indigent prisoners are routinely denied due process, conditions are in place for the sacrifice of democracy itself.
These conditions are being instituted by and for the corporations. Corporate interests are taking precedence over the interests of society as a whole. Any social program that interferes with the making of maximum profit is being eliminated....