Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More evidence of Whirlpool control of BH city commissioners

Below is the second half of an article in today's Whirlpool company paper, the Herald Palladium. It's a report on the Monday night BH city commission meeting - below is the part which relates to the Harbor Shores disaster. Once again, we see evidence that Whirlpool has it's lackeys on the commission. Will Whirlpool ever give BH a Harbor Shores business plan with financial data and other vital information? (emphasis added below)

Grant makes safe housing top priority By Julie Swidwa
In another matter, [Juanita] Henry made a motion to require Harbor Shores developers to provide the city with a business plan with financial data, a feasibility study and a performance study and performance bond. Mayor Wilce Cooke supported the motion, but the commission voted it down, with only Cooke and Henry voting in favor.
Other commissioners said they objected to the matter being brought up suddenly without going through a committee, and Commissioner Bryan Joseph said he will allow it to be discussed at Wednesday’s meeting of the Planning and Economic Development Committee, which he chairs.
Commissioner Eddie Marshall said he will not support Henry’s request.
I believe the finances are private funds, and they don’t have to provide financial data. You’re requiring this at a bad time. There’s other things that are more pressing,” Marshall told Henry.
Henry said she has been seeking financial information from Harbor Shores for two years and it should come as no surprise to anyone.
Harbor Shores is a proposed $430 million development that would include two hotels, 800 housing units and an 18-hole Jack Nick­laus Signature Golf Course. The city is in the midst of a 30-day public comment period regarding a plan to use 22.11 acres of Jean Klock Park for three golf holes. In exchange, Harbor Shores is offering seven scattered parcels totaling about 38.41 acres that would be designated as park land and connected by a trail system.
[...parcels offered in trade for the park are contaminated with industrial waste - Michigan Messenger]