Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Advice for Berrien County law enforcement

A New York Times best selling book about cop Frank Serpico was made into a movie in 1973.
It's still a great film. Frank lived in Europe for about 10 years and has this to say about police in The Netherlands:

"Cops over here are respected. They relate to the people. They aren't always plotting ways to put you in jail to meet arrest quotas."

From frankserpico.com: After being shot, Frank moved to Europe to recuperate and spent a decade there, living, traveling and studying. He returned to the States in the early eighties and has been living quietly in the mountains of New York State, studying and lecturing on occasion to students at universities and police academies and sharing experiences with police officers who are currently going through similar experiences. Frank has studied various cultures and speaks a number of languages, he has studied animal and human behavior, alternative medicine, music, art, literature and philosophy among other disciplines.

He sculpts and has recently been studying African drumming and Argentine tango. In 1997, he testified at the New York City Council regarding legislation to institute an Independent Audit Board to review incidences of police corruption and brutality in New York City in the hope of getting legislation passed that will make it easier for honest officers to come forward and tell the truth. Frank continues to speak out against corruption and injustice and has recently started a production company that focuses on projects that progress strong concepts of ethics.