Monday, September 03, 2007

August 24 Hearing report

On August 24 Rev. Edward Pinkney returned to the Berrien County courthouse to challenge a guilty verdict by an all-white jury (not of his peers).

During the March 21 trial the white jury relied on the testimony of Brenda Fox, a drug addict and prostitute, to find guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. This revealed their willingness to violate the sanctity of their oath and show they were motivated by something other than the pursuit of truth and justice.

After the trial Fox boasted around town that she was bribed to testify against Pinkney, and told Benton Harbor resident Douglas Bragg that he was the only witness not receiving pay for his testimony.

Further, the entire jury was contaminated by the action of juror number five who, unbelievably, accused Pinkney's Harvard educated attorney of making a drug deal with a witness in the courthouse parking lot. At last week's hearing Pinkney's attorneys, Elliott Hall and Hugh Davis, both took the stand and hammered prosecutor Gerry Vigansky and judge Alfred Butzbaugh who worked as a team. (It’s the norm in this courthouse.) Rev. Pinkney was called to the stand and said that the drug deal charge was a false accusation. He now feels anger and pain and wonders how he will explain all of this to his grandchildren.

There were almost twenty constitutional violations by the Berrien County
courthouse during Rev. Pinkney's trial. One important violation, the right to a public trial, was taken away by judge Alfred Butzbaugh when he decided to lock out the public. Those turned away from the courtroom had to view the selection of the jury on a third floor, 18" inch computer monitor which was turned off or nonfunctional over 50% of the time. When it was working, the faces of the jury were not visible. Dorothy Pinkney, Belinda Brown, and Rev. Mary Gault all testified to these facts.

Prosecutor Gerry Vigansky placed false affidavits from two courthouse employees in his answer to the motion for a new trial. Pinkney's attorneys told Vigansky to put the employees on the stand under oath whereupon Vigansky withdrew his affidavits.

Prosecutorial misconduct by Gerry Vigansky include: threatening, coercing
witnesses, concealing and falsifying evidence, and twisting the truth.

The judge will delay his decisions regarding all motions and submit them in writing
in the near (?) future.

* * * *

If we the people want to defeat our common enemy, we must
become organized and more effective. The criminals at the
core of the Berrien County courthouse have built their criminal
empire on “Strategic Goals, Operational Goals and Operational Plans” that
date back as far as late 1920's when Judge Hammond's father was judge.
These three unconstitutional goals can be read on the walls inside the courthouse.

It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.
And, when government and media are partners.

Jury Of Peers Not Permitted In Berrien County

Rev. Pinkney has challenged the disproportionate number of whites
on Berrien County juries. After several years of court-watching and
observing several hundred jury panels containing one or zero blacks out of 30
people, Pinkney decided to speak out. Now it is your time to take a

The large majority of Berrien county white juries are
sending black people to prison -- guilty or not guilty.

* * * *

Reserve Friday September 21, 1pm for a second hearing.


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