Wednesday, August 08, 2007


In our attempts to attract media attention, we have been told over and over that it’s a local story [ho- ho- ho]. The mainstream media is not allowed to report on any story implicating the ruling class on account of media ownership, the vast connecting wealthy elite and business networks that are relentlessly usurping the social contract. This story, the real nitty-gritty, presents so many important toes to be trampled upon. It’s hard to know where to begin.

Rev Pinkney’s troubles were brewed in the same kettle as the Jean Klock Park fight. The area’s insularity is particularly alarming because it is not a result of geography. Where we might excuse middle -of -nowhere places their anachronisms and vanities on account of their remoteness, the ruling class of this place is well traveled and connected. It’s as Jim Crow as any Mississippi backwater. It hasn’t sent a Democrat to Congress since 1932. Need I continue.

The same people who have worked to hollow out protection for American manufactering, labor and the environment now claim to be concerned for
American jobs. They also insist that the only way to increase employment security for the elite is to chant the services economy mantra while destroying priceless public land, thus enriching the already rich with benefits to the hoi polloi down line somewhere.

Here are the known players involved in the public private heist of Jean Klock Park: Whirlpool Corporation, a Fortune 500 Company, which has a domestic workforce of 23,000 and an overseas workforce is 45,000; LR Development which is a subsidiary of the following entities; National City, Bank OF Cleveland, Jack Nicklaus Design Group, and others including the Benton Harbor
city commissioners and city manager, and the STATE OF MICHIGAN DEMOCRATIC GOVERNOR Jennifer Granholm.

The media might as well print marketing brochures for Harbor Shores in lieu of their reporting. One free lance reporter has written informative articles, but she has been refuted in every other article about the take over which repeat chapter and verse the propaganda spewed by the developer.

As to the lease of Jean Klock Park between Harbor Shores and the city, the developer will pay the city of Benton Harbor $ 30,000 per year rent on a 35 year [renewable] lease for over 530 acres of pristine land. The lease was executed sometime in December 2006 or January 2007. The park will be destroyed and the golf course imposed on the terrain. No matter that Michigan and Florida are two of the most over built states according to golf industry statistics, in regards to golf courses. BUT this isn`t about GOLF, it’s about a gated community consuming a public park and taking over a city or rather stealing a city.

Geoff Field, the city’s outside counsel, drafted the lease. John Cameron who soon after joined Field’s law firm originally sat on the other side of the table representing Harbor Shores. Also, according to Field’s own statements to the Michigan DNR Trust Fund Board, he represented the local Chamber of Commerce, called Cornerstone Alliance, a partner in the Harbor Shores development consortium, at the same time he negotiated and drafted the aformentioned settlement agreement.

To ice the cake, the lease provides that the developer can use it’s leasehold interest as collateral. Legally, the holder of this mortgage can’t ever foreclose or liquidate the underlying assets. So, who would float a collateralized loan where the collateral is off limits ? Whirlpool Corporation would ! Why not? When the golf course fails, Harbor shores can renegotiate the lease with hapless and hopeless Benton Harbor, while Whirlpool becomes the de facto owner of the land.

Why? The fix is in. That will become obvious. The well-off have not been afflicted by this proposal. They and/or their friends stand to benefit. So bombs away and to hell with the grubby public and the residents of Benton Harbor.

1940 Union St.
Benton Harbor, MI 49022