Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Rape of Benton Harbor

Herald Palladium Article Spiced Up With Some Truth - followed by a mini-Fred Upton story

The Empire Avenue project in Benton Harbor will be the next step in the take-over by Whirlpool and Harbor Shores Development.
Businesses will receive a face lift, and not one city resident will be employed to renovate the old houses. (When they tore down the Vineyard Projects several months ago, residents were told they would be hired at $17/ reality, not one resident was hired. Mexican workers did the job for $5/hr.)

The old abandoned houses and the renters will be removed from the city, renters having no opportunity to make the refurbished homes their own. These residents are literally "kicked out" of BH. Period. Gone. Whirlpool cares not where or how. Remind you of something out of a corporate futuristic fascist nightmare?

Pete Mitchell, BH city manager, said he has been working hard to help Whirlpool and Harbor Shores Development take over Benton Harbor. "I am super excited about this project - now i can retire!"

The Empire Ave. plan was unveiled at a Whirlpool/Cornerstone Alliance meeting on Wednesday, June 27 by Mitchell and Tony McGhee, Whirlpool's Cornerstone VP of Physical Development. Mitchell has worked extremely hard with Whirlpool and the governor to drive blacks out of BH.

In 1996 Pete Mitchell said the city joined with the BH Housing Commission and several local banks (who were red lining the residents of BH.) They allocated $250,000.000 for residents to buy and/or improve homes. Instead, this entire sum of money is going to a white contracter to buy the homes of black residents.

Tony Mc Ghee said the Empire Ave. project will be the first phase in a three phase initiative to take over the city. The same plan is on tap for Pipestone St. next year, and Main St. the following year. This will be the last phase of the take over of the whole city - to finally drive all blacks out.

Fred Upton

The fed. government has of yet refused to issue a permit for the Jack Nicklaus golf course, but Whirlpool has announced that they will continue without a permit (ILLEGAL). What's inconveniently getting in the way is an endangered plant species which thrives in Jean Klock Park. Rep. Fred Upton, heir to Whirlpool, went to Washington DC several months ago to convince cronies to pressure the gov. to issue the permit. Environmentalists are engaged in a year-long investigation of the plant species in the park. Too long for the Berrien County good old boys to wait.

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