Monday, July 02, 2007

Poisonous Behavior Continues in Berrien County

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1. Beginning on Thursday June 28, 2007 the Berrien County Clerk's Office may no longer process passport applications from people who's birth certificates were issued by the same office, and who have never before applied for a passport. This new process has been ordered by the State Dept. for a reason.

"I have no intention of complying with the rules and the change of law from the U.S. Department of State. This is my final stand," County Clerk Louise Stine told the Berrien County Board of Commissioners and the Herald Palladium newspaper on Thursday. Stine is the same person who was over the jury clerk when Rev. Pinkney's jury was rigged. She took the stand, committed perjury, and she walked away like nothing had happened. Berrien County players believe they are above the law.

2. Absolutely incredible: One cleared, one jailed by a Berrien County judge in jury tampering that never happened. ( Recently, Judge LaSata sentenced Ms. Holloway and her sister to jail for 45 days without a hearing. The judge realized his wrong doing, and changed the "crimeless" sentence to a 75 thousand dollar bond.)

Several days ago Judge LaSata called Cora Holloway in for a hearing where she stood in her own defense. She told the judge that on the day she was charged with tampering with the jury she was in the courthouse parking lot telling friends that she was glad not to have to testify in the "Monk trial." She also stated that she told her friends the prosecutor wanted her to give false testimony (lie), that she was very nervous and scared, that if called to the stand she would probably say Monk was innocent, and that she knew she was not tampering with any juror. The judge pronounced her guilty for the second time and gave her 30 days. This is double jeopardy and illegal. It is "justice" in Berrien County.

The entire incident so far is another way for the Berrien County courthouse to intimidate and harass Benton Harbor residents. It instills the belief that simply by entering the building one can be thrown in jail without a hearing, and also be made financially destitute. The county justice system has now declared war on all BH women.

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