Friday, July 27, 2007

Benton Harbor Police: Worst in the Midwest

Ninety-five year old woman maced by Benton Harbor police

Mrs. Marie Washington, age 95, of 692 Highland St. in Benton Harbor, was sitting on her porch one night recently when a fight broke out down the street. A police officer came to Mrs. Washington's house and told her that her grandson was involved. She said, "No, two families were fighting." THE POLICE OFFICER MACED HER IN THE FACE AS SHE SAT IN A CHAIR. This shows you are never to old to suffer police brutality in Benton Harbor.

Police chief almost kills a woman for smoking

On June 11, 2007 Ms. Masseline Cleve was given a karate chop to the throat by Benton Harbor chief of police Al Mingo. The blow was so hard it knocked the air out of her and she felt as if she might not recover. He walked over to her in a park thinking maybe she was smoking a marijuana cigarette but found it was a regular cigarette. Police brutality rolls on in Benton Harbor. It matters not if you are a black man or woman: you better beware.

Whirlpool runs Berrien County in every way: BOYCOTT WHIRLPOOL & OUST UPTON

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