Friday, June 22, 2007

Another Dark Day in Benton Harbor

On Wednesday, June 13 in the Berrien County Courthouse, two African-American women were charged with trying to influnce a juror (jury tampering) during a break, but the incident never happened. The women were talking to another person when the juror and the baliff passed by. One of the women told this other person that the defendant was not guilty, and she was telling the truth. But the bailiff said that the juror heard the conversation AND THE TWO WOMEN WERE ARRESTED.

This is another attempt to intimidate who live in Benton Harbor. The Herald Palladium reported that Michael Septic, the county chief assistant prosecutor, said, "Immediately, without a hearing, Judge la Sata sentenced the two women to forty-five days each." The judge realized the mistake he had made, so he set bond at $75, 000.00. 90% of the people who live in Benton Harbor make less than that. Right now, the women are in jail trying to raise the $75K.

Berrien County is now going after women. Drastic measures are needed ASAP to stop the courthouse gone mad.