Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Prosecutor’s Sham Helps BANCO Grow

On May 19, 2007 thirteen Benton Harbor citizens were
enticed by an advertisement to attend a Town Hall
Empowerment Meeting at the Benton Harbor Library. They
were led to believe by the advertisement that they
would be provided with information on the power and
responsibility of citizenship. The advertisement also
said the citizens would be provided with information
on opportunities for viable jobs, job training, home
ownership and higher education being offered to the
citizens of Benton Harbor. Chief Prosecutor Art Cotter
conducted this meeting. Both The advertisement and the
meeting were a sham. The meeting was actually about
Rev Edward Pinkney.

Nine of the people who were at the meeting came over
to Rev Pinkney’s home declaring that the prosecutor
came lying again. Prosecutor Art Cotter had no
information about jobs or education or homeownership.
He only wanted to talk about Rev. Pinkney. Those that
came over to Rev. Pinkney’s home, from the so-called
Town Hall Empowerment Meeting, were inspired to
immediately join B.A.N.C.O. to fight against the
corrupt court system.

This is just the most recent example of the misdeeds
of Chief Prosecutor Art Cotter. Rev Dr. James R. Smith
also came over to Rev. Pinkney’s and played a DVD
about Chief Prosecutor Art Cotter when he was on the
Board of Link. Link is a crisis intervention center
that deals with social and welfare services including
sexual abuse treatment. The DVD has interviews of
several Link employees regarding Rick Pahl, Prosecutor
Art Cotter’s best friend. Mr. James Busby, a
well-respected man in the community, and three other
former Link employees informed Art Cotter about his
friend. His best friend, Rick Pahl, was molesting the
children but was also a racist. He fired six black
employees including James Busby for no reason. Board
member Prosecutor Art Cotter refused to meet with
James Busby and seven former Link employees concerning
these matters. Further, Rick Pahl moved a client, Ryan
Rust, into his home. Everybody at the Link knew about
this. By not taking any action when informed of these
accusations, Art Cotter was harboring a child molester
and racist. This shows that he helps his friends, even
when they commit horrendous criminal acts. If Rick
Pahl hadn’t moved to Minnesota, he would be still
molesting children in Benton Harbor. Rick even
molested his own son.

Since the sentencing of Rev Edward Pinkney, B.A.N.C.O.
is growing at a tremendous rate. We have added over 80
new members. We now have over 75% of the Benton Harbor
residents including 20% of Berrien County residents
supporting Rev Pinkney. We will continue to grow. The
national response has been tremendous. BANCO’s goal is
justice for all.

I Rev .Dr James R Smith will become the new executive
director of B.A.N.C.O. as of June 1, 2007.