Thursday, March 22, 2007

Week 2 - Day 6 (Tues.): Pinkney's Re-Trial

Closing Arguments Wednesday (tomorrow)! 9am.

Today in court differed little from other days as far as court procedure. Rev. Pinkney's Attorneys Hall and Davis kept trying to ask pertinent questions of the defense witnesses, and Judge Butzbaugh kept blocking them with the same reasons as relevance, meeting the standards of evidence, etc. He told Attorney Davis at the beginning of the day to: "Cool It Down."

Every time Hall, Davis, or a witness mentioned "Glenn Yarbrough", the judge stopped them before the name was fully pronounced. Mr. Yarbrough is pivotal to the case, and yet he cannot be discussed at all. (Keep in mind that yesterday the judge asked the jury to leave when Hall and Davis began to ask pertinent questions of Yarbrough - the only time he has been in the courtroom during the entire trial.

The courtroom was filled this afternoon with spectators and inside the locked doors stood two county sheriff officers. Pure intimidation sending out the message to the jury that we are all dangerous criminals.

The prosecutor in his frustration went fishing for anything from Rev. and Mrs. Pinkney as they took the stand. He tried intimidation by raising his voice a sarcastic tone, and other tactics to try anyones' patience hoping they would respond angrily.