Friday, January 05, 2007

Berrien County & Rev. Pinkney - current summary

Judge Wrongly Set Aside Election,
President Bush then Nominated Judge for Federal Bench

What was President Bush thinking when he nominated Judge Paul Maloney from Berrien County, Michigan to be a federal judge? Judge Maloney was supported by U.S. Rep. Fred Upton, R-Mich., heir to the billion dollar corporation Whirlpool which controls 80% of the world appliance market.

Benton Harbor is a city in Berrien County, Michigan with 11,980 residents. 70% are unemployed, 90% of the people live below the proverty level. Drugs are flooding the community. It appears to be a corporate plan to make the people corrupt and susceptible to bribery. We have more homeless people per-capita than anywhere in the state. What would a city like Benton Harbor, Mich. want with a Jack Niclaus Signature golf course, a Yacht boat launch and a 100 million dollar gated community with no jobs?

On April 15, 2005 Judge Paul Maloney, who openly practices racism, reversed an election. Black Autonomy Network Community Organization successfully recalled a corrupt city administrator backed by the Whirlpool Corp., the largest employer in the area. Whirlpool is taking over the city of Benton Harbor and turning it into an exclusive resort by circumventing the will of he people. Judge Maloney actually set aside an election.

Whirlpool needed six votes from the Benton Harbor city commissioners. With Glen Yarbrough (a convicted felon) Whirlpool had the six votes needed only with the recall commissioner Yarbrough voting.
So they had to bring him back.

Chief prosecutor James Cherry met with city commissioner Yarbrough, according to the daily newspaper, the Herald Palladium. He advised him on what he needed to do to have the election set aside. Yarbrough was told to find anybody who agreed to say they were paid to vote. Yarbrough found an old friend of his family, Mansel Williams and gave him ten dollars and some crack to say Rev. Pinkney paid him five dollars. That started the criminal investigation. Detective Dannefer went out with a bank roll bribing, coercing, and offering special deals to anyone who voted. We have Dannefer on tape bribing witnesses.

Rev. Pinkney was tried for voter fraud which ended in a hung jury because the government had tainted the jury. The second trial will begin on March 13, 2007 at 9am. On Jan. 25, 2007 at 10am, there will be a constitution hearing motion for a direct verdict to quash the information and to dismiss. Then there will be a motion for a jury challenge; Berrien County's history is to have an all-white jury, not a jury of one's peers.

To sum this up, Rev. Pinkney, and BANCO (the Black Autonomy Network Community Organization) sucessfully and fairly recalled a city administrator backed by Whirlpool and U.S.Rep. Fred Upton, heir to the largest corporation in the area which refuses to hire people from Benton Harbor. Circumventing the will of the people the recall vote was overturned by Maloney. Rev. Edward Pinkney was arrested on election fraud charges. There was no election fraud commited by Rev. Pinkney and he faces 20 years in prison.

Remember, in order to set aside any election, it must appear affirmatively that the sucessful ticket received a number of improper votes, which if rejected, would have brought it down to a minority. Prosecutor James Cherry admitted that he did not have the votes to set aside the election. Judge Paul Maloney stated in open court, " Only because Rev. Pinkney was involved am I setting aside the election."

The most important issue of all: Judge Paul Maloney stole the election for a corporation and then was nominated for federal judge. Corporations are taking over the world and ruining lives. You must stand up to the corrupt election official.
Prosecutorial misconduct has reached epidemic proportions in Berrien County and in our country.

It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.

Rev. Edward Pinkney
1940 Union St
Benton Harbor,MI 49022