Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Police & prosecutor human rights abuses

When so many people believe anything they read, no matter how outlandish it is, how is it that they cannot accept something that is completely true? That prosecutor and police misconduct is a pervasive and serious problem, not only in Berrien County, but also in the rest of the country? In Berrien County, Mich., the sheriff's department continues to harass, intimidate, coerce, and bribe witnesses in my upcoming retrial. Police and prosecutor misconduct are easy to get away with in Berrien County and everywhere. Sept. 19, 2006 is the trial date for the second round of this heavyweight fight for justice. I need five hundred people everyday for the trial. Please make plans to be there.

Thank you,
Rev. Edward Pinkney

Trial Irregularities and News

1. During my recent trial in the Berrien County Courthouse, St. Joseph, Michigan,
there were several very unusual occurences:
1) a family member of the county clerk, Louise Stein, was on the jury
2) the jury foreman and two other jury members were employees of Whirlpool - this is a conflict of interests since BANCO and myself have initiated a boycott of the corporation
3) the bailiff took the jury foreman to see the prosecutor during the trial, and then took him back to the jury room.
I saw this happening while the jury was in deliberation and notified my attorney of this who told the judge. The judge then was forced into swearing in the bailiff (so that he could be questioned under oath).

2. Please take a look at The People's Tribune to see coverage on the situation in Benton Harbor, and to see what honest reporting looks like. This paper is doing a great job of reporting what's really happening to America.

3. I believe that my trial outcome was a victory for Benton Harbor, the state, and the US because it shows that we can all stand up and fight the lies and corruption before it's too late. It also proved that judge Maloney, prosecutor Cherry, and commissioner Yarbrough all lied.

4. Whirlpool-Maytag deal wins antitrust approval March 29, 2006

Rev. Pinkney to be retried

I guess prosecutor Cherry had to announce it on a weekday; April 1 isn't until Saturday....

This article is a sterling example of the type of reporting which, over many years, indoctrinates a county.

Pinkney to be retried

Benton Harbor email action

A former trial attorney has suggested a flood of emails to discourage a retrial of Rev. Pinkney. The following are two emails that have already been sent - please use them as models to be rewritten.

And, here are email addresses of the Berrien County prosecutor, the assistant prosecutor, and some of the Berrien County commissioners (the only addresses that could be found on the county website).


[sample messages--modify to make your own]


Dear Attorney Cherry:

I have been following the trial of Rev. Edward Pinkney, and write to request that your office not proceed with retrial.

As a former trial attorney, I am familiar with the process that just completed regarding Rev. Pinkney. I also understand that, without reviewing the trial transcript, I have a limited view of what took place during the proceedings. However, the jury's reported inability to make a determination beyond a reasonable doubt on each of the five counts speaks volumes.

The City of Benton Harbor has some of the most dismal economic, employment and crime statistics in the nation. The uprising during summer 2003--just months after I moved to Michigan--remains fresh in my mind. After that nightmare, the good people of Benton Harbor deserve an opportunity to heal and to raise their political voices about concerns with elected officials. I urge your office not to rub salt in these wounds with a retrial.

Thank you for your time.



The case against Rev. Pinkney surely was an embarassment to the Prosecution. It would seem that a retrial would be a waste of tax payer money.

In fact, if there were unlimited funds available for legal battle, there should be a counter suit for reinstating the "recall election" and the injustices done to the community by "officials."

I was able to attend the trial for one day and I would say that there are serious concerns about any JUSTICE happening in Berrien County.