Saturday, October 28, 2006

Stop the appointment of Judge Paul Maloney!!

A Sept. 29 Kalamazoo Gazette article on Paul Maloney by Lynn Turner is yellow journalism at it's worst. Paul Maloney
has presided over the most racist court in Michigan.
It's hard to even know where to begin.... what to say.....
This article and the likely appointment of Maloney to West Michigan
U.S. District Court Bench are troubling beyond words. Berrien
County Courthouse under Maloney boasts the following:
highest rate of convictions, highest rate of convictions of innocents,
and highest juvenile conviction rate in Michigan.

Maloney is known for making up his own laws from the bench.
Here's just one example. He threw out a recent recall
election by saying, "I'm going to make the majority the minority,
and the minority will become the majority."

In our election process, it is the majority of votes
that determine who wins. Judge Maloney's statement
means that a judge (Maloney in this case of the Benton Harbor
recall election) can rule that an election can be
decided by the minority of votes. In the recall
election there were enough valid votes (the majority)
to recall the city commissioner, but because there
appeared to be 5 invalid votes (the minority)
Maloney ruled that the city commissioner wasn't recalled
and still held his post. The minority votes won and the majority
votes lost. This now becomes case law - it sets precedent and allows
other elections to be decided in like manner.

Can we stop this appointment from happening?

Call Levin(313-226-6020) and Stabenow(313-961-4330). ASAP.