Monday, July 31, 2006

Women, Blacks, Hispanics, and Poor Whites will no longer support Jennifer Granholm

A press release dated June 27, 2003 stated Governor Jennifer Granholm followed
through on her committment to the people of Benton Harbor by naming a task force only to help restore opportunity and hope to the citizens of Benton Harbor by addressing issues of critical importance. This was right after the 2003 uprising.

In theory this task force appeared to be above board, but in reality, this was just another one of her schemes to engineer the citizens into the court system to generate federal funding. The citizens of Michigan have to be aware that everything that involves the court system is tied to grants that women, blacks, hispanics, poor whites, can not get. This is why people who are black, hispanics, and poor are suffering some type of crisis in the state.

Governor Jennifer Granholm appointed Alfred Butzbaugh to judgeship in Berrien County, Michigan. Butzbaugh is a well known racist. He has accumulated a long list of judicial misconduct, ethics violations, and civil rights violations.

We can not allow Jennifer Granholm to have another term. Under the Granholm
administration people have been destroyed in one way or another. I will not vote for her and am asking all women, blacks, hispanics, and poor whites not to vote for Jennifer Granholm. Call your family members - we need your support to stop Jennifer Granholm.
Do not vote for Jennifer Granholm. REV. EDWARD PINKNEY wants everybody to refrain from casting your ballot for Jennifer Granholm.

With respect,
Rev. Pinkney, 269-925-0001 anytime