Monday, December 12, 2005

Rev Pinkney at event in LA

Rev Pinkney speaks at important event in LA, November 17, 2005,
co-sponsored by Danny Glover

List of speakers:

* Sharmini Peries, Int'l Relations Advisor to Venezuelan President Hugo

* Bolivar Ramilus, Haitian peasant leader & former member of the Haitian
Parliament under President Aristide, member of Fanmi Lavalas party,
President of the Haitian Parliament¹s Commission on Peasant Affairs

* Rev. Edward Pinkney from BANCO (Black Autonomy Network Community
Organization) in Benton Harbor, Michigan, which with little national support
has been fighting the same racism, political corruption, police brutality
and land-grabs that Hurricane Katrina exposed for all to see

* Women's Caucus of the People¹s Hurricane Relief Fund and Reconstruction
Coalition, from New Orleans

* Grassroots Los Angeles speaks out on campaigns: for justice for those
criminalized, for welfare, quality education & other resources, autonomy &
community control, against war and occupation

More Info:

Organized by the Global Women's Strike, co-chaired by Margaret Prescod of
Global Women¹s Strike and host of Sojourner Truth on Pacifica Radio's KPFK.
KPFK is the media sponsor for the event.

Download the flyer here.