Sunday, October 23, 2005


The former chairman and chief executive officer of Whirlpool Corp. said there is one reason the Harbor Shores development was proposed, and that is to take over the city of Benton Harbor and not to improve the quality of life for the residents of Benton Harbor.

Before David Whitwan retired as Whirlpool's CEO last year, he was in favor of transferring most of the jobs out of Benton Harbor. He is now chairman of the Alliance for World-Communities, part of Whirlpool and Cornerstone Alliance. At a recent Benton Harbor City Commission meeting, Whitwan said he understands Benton Harbor residents' skepticism, but, "trust me," he said, "often Whirlpool lied and promised things that did not happen. Trust me." The former chief executive of Whirlpool, who was in favor of transferring most of the jobs out of Benton Harbor, said, "trust me, I understand your skepticism, trust me." Also in attendance was a Mr. Chaney who is white. He charged Mr. Whitwan to be honest and stop lying. "This is going to be a all white community," Chaney said. Whitwan, stop lying.

The proposed 530 acre Harbor Shores development project is a collabortive venture between Benton Harbor, St.Joseph, Whirlpool Corp, the Alliance for World-Class-Communities, and Cornerstone Alliance. It is common knowledge in this county that Whirlpool Corp.,the World Class-Communities, Cornerstone Alliance and St. Joseph are all the same people.

The project Harbor Shores would be a residential and commercial development roughly bounded by Benton Harbor lake front on beautiful lake Michigan land. Most of the land is in Benton Harbor, a small portion is in St. Joseph.

PUBLIC ACT 425 allows for the temporary transfer of the small portion of St. Joseph land to the city of Benton Harbor for 20 years. After Benton Harbor has paid off the 89 million dollars or more infrastructure cost, all the land becomes the city of St. Joseph until the world ends.

The infrastructure is to include roads, storm sewer, gas and water service, and environmental clean up. An 89 million "gift" from Benton Harbor to St. Joseph. A forced gift.

St. Joseph city commissioners unanimously approved the transfer of land. We can gain an awful lot if this development happens. It is a really great thing for the city of St. Joseph.

I, Rev Edward Pinkney, must admit this is a really great thing for the city of St. Joseph and St. Joseph only.

The recall election was very important to the Whirlpool dream project. The project needed the Benton Harbor city commissioner-at-large Glen Yarbrough, a know drug user and bully who gets his way through intimidation.
They needed six votes to steal the land and make this project a reality; without Yarbrough it could not be done.

When the recall was sucessful the Whirlpool dream project was about to go down the toilet, so the group came up with a plan to claim voter fraud. Judge Paul Maloney, Prosecutor James Cherry, Benton Harbor city manager Mitchell, and Yarbrough gave the Herald Palladium's Julia Swidwa, well known racist, the story. Everything she write's is questionable. The group knew this plan would work. Yarbrough was bribed with a five year offering to fund the summer youth work program, a man who has a history of stealing from the youth program.

My question is who has the power to make his or her acts legitimate? In the County of Berrien, the State of Michigan, the United States, that power is invested in the hands of the "haves" and it makes their acts legitimate. We must start to think about a world-wide boycott of Whirlpool products. When does it stop?