Tuesday, August 16, 2005


It is apparent that the people need more than organization. We need mass organization with an action program - aggressive, bold, and challenging in spirt. Such a movement was our March on Washington.
Our first job then is actually to organize millions of people and build them into block systems with captains so that they may be summoned to action overnight and thrown into physical motion. Without this type of organization, the people will never develop mass power which is the most effective weapon the people can wield. Witness the strategy and maneuvering of the people of India with mass civil disobedience and non-cooperation and the marches to the red sea to make salt. It may be said that the
Indian people have not won their freedom. This is so, but they will win it. The central principle of the struggle of oppressed people like the blacks and others is not only to develop now, waging a world-shaking, history-making fight for independence. India`s fight is the peoples' fight.
Now, let us be unafraid. We are fighting for big stakes. Our stakes are liberty, justice, and democracy. Every person should hang his head in shame who fails to do his part now for freedom. This is the hour of the people. It is the hour of the common man and woman. May we rise to the challege to struggle for our rights. Come what will or may, let us never falter.