Thursday, June 02, 2005

rev pinkney request for reconsideration of all berrien county judges

now come defendant rev edward pinkney, by his attorney tat parish, and respectfully requests that reconsideration be given under mcr 2.003 of defendant motion to disqualify all judges of berrien county court. it is requested that such reconsideration be DE NOVE. it is further requested that said reconsideration be given by a judge who should properly hear the matter. that would normally be the chief judge of the berrien county trial court. however, it is noted that the chief judge of berrien county trial court is one of the judges for who disqualification is sought and it is respectfully requested that he recuse himself from said reconsideration and that a request be made that the supreme court administrator office appoint some judge from outside of berrien county to hear said reconsideration. regardless of what judge hear it, reconsideration is requested under said rule.

it is requested that REV EDWARD PINKNEY, be notified as soon as possible as to which judge will hear the motion, so that this motion can be noticed for hearing. this is the beginning of a long long trial. i will need every help in order to win.