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INN World Report, NYC


Tom Kiely hosts the INN World Report out of NYC tonight and Rev Pinkney will be on, show starts at 7:30 Eastern time.

It is anticipated the Rev. and Tom will talk for about 30 minutes. You MAY have a chance to call in while the Rev. is on or at least sometime later in the program (Tom often asks for callers the last half hour of the 2-hour show which runs 7-9 EST).

Find the streaming links here:  https://LogosRadioNetwork.com/pm.cgi?action=show&temp=listen


First and foremost Christina Wilke a white resident of Berrien County, Michigan said, she feel compelled to add the disclaimer that her letter is no way political. Christina is absolutely correct, it is racist.

She also claimed, she support the constitution, if you do support the constitution of the United State of America, you would have been protesting, the Berrien County courthouse on July 11, 2017. It is obvious  you are without morals Christina.

Joe Zangaro and Ron Kienzie both knew about the corruption inside Berrien County. The murder of Martell Hadley by a Berrien County Sheriff. The 50 or more women, who was sexually assaulted by the Berrien County sheriff department and you said nothing.Former Commissioner Robert Wooley stealing more than a million dollars and you said nothing.

All the families that has been destroyed by Judge Dennis Wiley, Judge Scott Schofield, Judge Charles LaSata, Judge Sterling Schrock,Judge Art Cotter,and prosecutors Mike Sepic and James Cherry.

Berrien County justice, the measure of menand states,has been the subject of discussion over the centuries.To define justice properly, one must consider the action of man as they they affect the well being of others. We would suggest that justice can properly bedefined as the process by which each receive, what is duehim, and it does not matter, if a person is black or white. To give to others, what is due, is the essence of justice and involves the concept of duty and obligation.This is the failure of Berrien County courthouse and why you should have been protesting on July 11.

Christina Wilke, I received more than 15, 000 letters from all over the world, denouncing the corruption inside the Berrien County Courthouse, which also include more than 50 letters from St. Joseph, Michigan and 5 from Three Oak, Michigan.

One letter really got my attention from St Joseph a wealthy white resident said 33% of all Berrien County residents were good people, but 67% are bad people , liars, corrupt and racist. She said the bad people the 67% over power the 33% that are good folks by intimidating, harassing and threatening.

I find it very sad that you did not had enough compassion or morals to stand up for the women, who were sexually assulted. Christina wilke you should have joined the protest on July 11, 2017 and help stop the corruption inside Berrien County Courthouse.

The American criminal justice system , justice is totally absent.There is no such thing as justice in Berrien County Courthouse.    
Rev Edward Pinkney

Saturday, July 15, 2017

A Welcome Home Celebration for Rev. Edward Pinkney in Detroit

Watch this 80-minute video recorded by Leona McElevene (aka "The People's Photographer"on Saturday, July 8, 2017 during the “Welcome Home Celebration for Rev. Edward Pinkney” Event, featuring Mrs. Dorothy Pinkney and Rev. Edward Pinkney. 

Sponsored by the Moratorium Now! Coalition to Stop Foreclosures, Evictions & Utility Shutoffs; and the Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice (MECAWI) at St. Matthew/St. Joseph Episcopal Church, 8850 Woodward, Detroit, MI.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Judge John Donohue is not a racist judge

Judge John Donohue is not a racist. He is one of the best judges and fairest judges in the history of Berrien County. He treats Blacks and Whites fairly. He should never be considered to be unfair to any group of people.

-Rev. Pinkney

One true judge

Joseph Zangaro and Ron Kienzle will be judge by the true Judge of all judges God. There is only one true Judge that is God.Man will attempt to built up the devil, but God has the last say.

Joe and Ron should be remembered not just how they died, but how they lived. Both men knew about the corruption inside the Berrien County Courthouse justice system  and did nothing. God will let them explain and you do not get extra point for being a law enforcemen officers.All the families that was destroyed by Berrien County .

I asked Joe, if you witness Judge Wiley, Judge LaSata, or Judge Schofield breaking the law, what would you do? He refused to answer. Joe knew how bad the corruption was inside the Berrien County courthouse, but he did nothing. God is going to remember, how you lived.God is going to remember the darkness you reflected to the oppressed people in the darkest places of the world.

What would make Larry Gordon want to escape and kill anybody? What would make Larry Gordon want to kill, rathan going to trial? Larry told me he would never going to trial in berrien County, because you do not have a chance in this world.

I think this was a sucide mission, but I am not suprise. The murder of Martell Hadley by the sheriff department, The 50 or more women, who was sexually attacked by berrien County sheriff dept.You had a Berrien County sheriff Lt walking out of  Walmart with a shopping cart of groceries for over a year.The employee's know about the corruption, but turn their head to the truth. You are suppose to accept corruption by law enforcement even, if they kill a citizen, it is justified Homicide. you should accept corruption by the oppressor.God is the true judge, I can not put you in heaven or hell and you get no points for being white and working for law enforcement..

I saw a star fallen from heaven to the earth To to him was given the keys to the bottomless pit.And he opened the bottomless pit, and smoke arose out of the pit like the smoke of a great furnace.So the sun and air were darkness, because of the smoke of the pit. Then out of the smoke locusts came upon the earth. And to them was given power, as the scorpion of the earth have power. They were commanded not to harm the grass of the earth or any green thing, or any tree, but only those men who do not have the seal of God on their Foreheads. And they were not given authority to kill but to torment them for five months. Their torment was like the torment of a scorpion, when it strike a man. In those days men will seek Death and will not find it.They will desire to die and death will flee from them.{ this is the second death}

The shape of the locusts was like horses prepared for battle. On their heads were crowns of something like gold, and their faces were like the faces of men.They had hair like women's hair and their teeth were like lions teeth. And they had breastplates of iron and and the sound of their wings were like the sound of chariots with many  horses running into battle. They had tails like scorpions, and  there were stings in their tails.Thier power was to hurt men five months and they had a king over  them the angel of the bottomless pit. whom name in Hebrew is Abaddon, but in Greek, he has the name Apollyon.One Woe is past, behold still two more Woes are coming.God said He is the Judge of all judges.                     

Rev Edward Pinkney

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Join the Protest July 11 in Berrien County!

When: Tuesday, July 11, 10:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Where: Berrien County Courthouse (811 Port Street, St. Joseph, MI 49085)
Bring: Signs, water, friends and family

In the American criminal justice system, justice is totally absent. There is no such thing as justice in America for the poor. The criminalization of U.S. citizens by the injustice system is now one of America's largest industries. Prisons have been privatized and inmates comprise cheap labor for big corporations.

The United States of America not only has the highest percentage of its population in prison, it has the highest absolute number, substantially higher than authoritarian Chinaa country whose population is four times the size of the United States, but a country with fewer people in prison.

On July 11, we will gather at 10:30 a.m. in front of the Berrien County Courthouse (811 Port St., St. Joseph). We will march, and at noon we will protest in front of Whirlpool Headquarters. The state of Democracy is detestable, and we are not about to sit back and let it continue its course. Corporations' interests are not above the rights of every day human beings like you and me.

Whirlpool Corporation is responsible for the death of 79 people in London and we must stop the hostile takeover of the city of Benton Harbor. They must be held accountable to the people.

Let's confront the criminal justice system and the corporations that are destroying our country!

Friday, June 30, 2017

Rev. Pinkney, free at last, is already back in action

June 29, 2017

by Philip A. Bassett 
In these days of tremendous change and social upheaval, it’s good to know that a man of impeccable integrity is back in the public arena. After two and a half years in various Michigan prisons, Rev. Edward Pinkney has returned to his home in Benton Harbor, Mich. A bulldog for social justice, the reverend, who turns 69 this year, shows no sign of slowing.
Free at last, Rev. Edward Pinkney is welcomed home by his loving wife, Dorothy Pinkney.
His wife, Dorothy, had hoped to put him on “lockdown” for at least a week to ease his adjustment to life out of prison, but he left me a voice mail just five days after his release and the next day he attended a public event in his honor in Ann Arbor. I caught up with him the following day and he spoke about how he coped with being locked up.
“There is drama every day in prison,” he told me. “Even among friends.” He said there were more than a few times where he was on the phone with Dorothy and a fight would break out somewhere nearby.
For some reason, his first placement after the customary quarantine at Jackson Prison was in a high-security facility in Coldwater, Mich. He humorously describes his roommate situation there as “four killers and me” and says it distressed him that much of their conversation centered on bragging about murders they had committed.
His next move to a prison in Marquette, Mich., was like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. At Marquette, he says, the atmosphere was so hostile and the guards so aggressive he had to press himself “flat against the wall” to avoid touching the guard when he came down the hall – a sure assault charge.
It was here, too, that he was accused of “smoogling” because a friend had interviewed him and was leaving with some notes. The guard’s spelling error helped the reverend win the case, but his phone privileges were revoked for six months anyway. The sentence was doubly harsh because he was now nearly 500 miles away from his wife, with no hope for a visit.

After two and a half years in various Michigan prisons, Rev. Edward Pinkney has returned to his home in Benton Harbor, Mich. A bulldog for social justice, the reverend, who turns 69 this year, shows no sign of slowing.

Luckily, a few activists in the area became aware of his plight and started to visit him regularly. That the reverend had any support in this all-white community far from his home was probably a surprise to the authorities there.
After some time, he was moved again, this time to a facility in Muskegon, Mich. Here things were more relaxed, he says, and, after they got to know him, even he and the guards seemed to get along. On top of that, he was now only a two-hour drive away from Dorothy.
Philip Bassett’s highly acclaimed book about Rev. Pinkney is available at Marcus Books and other local book stories and on Amazon.
Nonetheless, even here there was a situation that was irritating. Television viewing is first come, first served and he found himself in competition with inmates who liked to listen to rap, while he preferred religious programs. The way he worked through the conflict, strangely enough, was by offering to teach basic math skills.
A class of one grew to 16, and by that time there was no longer any competition. In fact, they began watching out for the reverend and giving him his preference, even when he arrived late to the TV room.
There were other, more mundane complaints, probably familiar to most inmates: rotten, disgusting, worm-ridden food, so bad his wife had to send care packages so he could fix one meal a day; a moldy room that made him so ill he couldn’t get out of bed for two weeks; a fall off the top bunk that injured his shoulder enough that it still hurts two years later. The latter incident happened because the only way to get down from the bed was a rickety stool that toppled easily.
Despite these challenges and more, Rev. Pinkney appears to have emerged with his character intact, though he vows that moving forward, he’ll be “doing things differently.” For now, he is planning a protest in his town of Benton Harbor on July 11 and is attending a dinner and fundraiser in his honor on July 8 in Detroit. Both of these events can be referenced at bhbanco.organd anyone who is planning to be in the area on either of those days is encouraged to participate.
For those abreast of social issues, supporting Pinkney is a no-brainer, but if you’re attending one of his events for the first time it’s easy to miss the essence of the man. Since he is a Baptist preacher, Rev. Pinkney tends to speak in that style, repeating sentences he feels are important. That doesn’t appeal to everybody.
He sometimes humorously puts himself in the place of his oppressors to make a point and ends up talking about himself in the third person, which could sound egotistical to some. He jokes constantly with his audience, which might seem disrespectful or give the impression that he takes these things lightly. He has a very direct manner, which some could find off-putting, and he possesses an unearthly amount of confidence.

For those abreast of social issues, supporting Pinkney is a no-brainer.

However, those who take a closer look soon discover a deeply spiritual man with a wicked sense of humor and the manners of a Boy Scout, who treats his persecutors more like peers than adversaries and is not afraid of a political fight. And his confidence is not the fickle kind. Planted early and fed by countless successes, it is the confidence of a man who is consistently faithful to the promptings of his heart.
As a fighter for justice, Rev. Pinkney brings many gifts to the table. He has the discipline of a Gandhi and a nose for networking and politics. But the greatest gift he brings is his own patented brand of love – the strongest kind of love – the kind that can pierce prison walls and touch the hardest men’s hearts, even prison guards, and make anyone within range more hopeful, confident and willing to work together.
Philip A. Bassett is the author of “Soldier of Truth: The Trials of Rev. Edward Pinkney.” He can be reached at philliamb@outlook.com
Editor’s note: Rev. Pinkney hosts a radio show on Sundays, 5 p.m. ET, on Blogtalkradio.com or call 323-642-1559.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Whirlpool Caused London Disaster

Whirlpool refrigerator blamed for London fire that killed 79

Officials say the blaze began in a refrigerator-freezer made by a company Whirlpool later acquired


Saturday, June 24, 2017

Whirlpool loses $55 million of company's value after fridge causes most deadly fire in London since WWII

Police consider manslaughter charges over London blaze as thousands evacuated

By Michael Holden and Jamillah Knowles | LONDON
British investigators said on Friday they would consider manslaughter charges over the London tower block fire that killed at least 79 people, as thousands of apartment-dwellers a few miles away were told to leave their homes due to fire risk.
The outside cladding engulfed in June 14's deadly blaze has since been shown to fail all safety tests, police said. They have already seized material from a number of undisclosed organizations.
Fire safety checks are now taking place on public buildings across Britain. Late on Friday, one municipal authority in north London began to evacuate nearly 4,000 people from five tower blocks after firefighters said it was unsafe for them to stay.
Detective Superintendent Fiona McCormack said experts had now concluded that the earlier fire, the mostly deadly blaze in London since World War Two, had started in a fridge freezer.
The blaze has provoked anger and heaped pressure on Prime Minister Theresa May, who is fighting for her political survival after her party lost its parliamentary majority in a snap election at a time when Britain is beginning divorce talks with the European Union.
The speed at which the fire engulfed the 24-storey Grenfell Tower raised questions about the external cladding on the block.
Asked if the insulation and aluminum tiles used were acceptable for such buildings, McCormack told reporters: "No they're not."
"All I can say at the moment is they don't pass any of the safety tests. So that will form part of what is a manslaughter investigation."
As well as possible manslaughter, police will consider health and safety offences and breaches of other building regulations. McCormack said all companies involved in the building and refurbishment of the building would be reviewed.
Britain also ordered an immediate technical examination of the Hotpoint (WHR.N) fridge model FF175BP, which had not been subject to any recall to establish whether further action should be taken, but said there was no need for owners to switch off their appliances.
A woman looks at flowers, tributes and messages left for the victims of the fire at the Grenfell apartment tower in North Kensington, London, Britain, June 23, 2017. REUTERS/Hannah McKay
Whirlpool's shared closed down 3.3 percent on Friday, wiping almost $500 million off the company's value.
Whirlpool owns the Hotpoint brand in the Europe and Asia Pacific regions. In the United States, the Hotpoint brand now belongs to Haier, following the Chinese group's purchase of General Electric Co's (GE.N) appliance business.
Finish reading here:

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Marquette Branch Prison Rev. Pinkney Speaks From Prison (Winter 2016)

My fellow comrades, friends, and companions. We have come to a time of testing. We must not fail. Let us close the spring of racial poison.
The United States, police department in every state, in every city, are killing people with war crimes ammunition. Virtually every person shot to death by police handguns in the U.S. in the last 20 years has been killed with a bullet that international law has declared to be a war crime.
The number of people killed by police so far this year topped 800 as the nation-wide epidemic of police violence continued with cops killing 25 people over the last seven days of the year.
The U.S. media largely has ignored the 800 victim milestone, all year with headlines dominated by the attempt to whip up law and order hysteria around things like the massive manhunt to recapture two inmates who escaped from Clinton Correctional Facility in New York.
The 500th fatality of the year according to one database of police killing, occurred, when members of the SWAT team gunned down 69 year old Richard Warolf, a suicidal man, during a courtesy call requested by his family in sun city, a suburb of Phoenix.
The following night, a police officer in Des Moines, Iowa shot and killed unarmed 28 year old Ryan Bollinger through the window of her squad car after a two minute low-speed chase.
The nine other people killed by police since Monday include Matthew Wayne McDaniel, a 35 year old from Florida; Rene Garcia, a 30 year old California man killed during a traffic stop; Mario Ocasio, a 51 year old from New York City, killed by taser; Jeremy John Linhart, 30 year old from Ohio, also killed during a traffic stop; Ross Anthony, 25 from Dallas, killed by a taser, an unknown suicidal 45 year old male from Houston area. Quan Daivver Hicks, 22 year old from Cincinnati; Isaiah Hampton, 19 years old from New York City; An unkown homeless man from Miami shot 5 times by an officer; and Charles Allen Ziegler, 40 years old from Pompano Beach, Florida.
Despite releasing repeated damning reports of systematic violence and corruption in city after city from Cleveland to Ferguson to Baltimore to New York, the Obama administration has steadfastly refused to demand that any of the officers and officials responsible for a patter and practice of brutality be held criminally accountable. We are living in a time, who the public, the people must hold the government accountable for their actions. We must stand up to our government and fight back.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

We Want Our Due and We Want It Now!

An economic system that doesn't feed, clothe, and house its people must be and will be overturned and replaced with a system that meets the needs of the people.
The labor-replacing electronic technology is permanently eliminating jobs and destroying the foundation of the capitalist system. The people's needs can only be met by building a cooperative society where the socially necessary means of production are owned by society, not by the corporations.
As the economic crisis continues to grip America and threatens to get deeper, people in working class communities across the country are beginning to stand up and demand that the government serve the people's interest, not those of the corporations. The people have come under fire from the corporations and the government. This is especially true in the city of Benton Harbor, Michigan.
The struggle that has taken place in recent years in Benton Harbor is a case in point and one that holds a number of lessons for the American people. The fight in Benton Harbor is a war over whether Americans will have prosperity and democracy, or live in poverty, under the heel of open corporate rule.
Former president Bill Clinton hustled the street dealer, sold crack, selling dreams that turned to dust. Their strategy of talk labor while pleasing capital, was even seen in the destructive NAFTA pact, which decimated manufacturing jobs in the U.S. by the millions.
Now Clinton returns posing as a savior of the working class, when their treasured NAFTA ripped away ten-thousand jobs annually, undermined unions and transferred vast wealth to Wall Street.
When Texas businessman and 1992-1996 presidential candidate H. Ross Perot predicted NAFTA would produce a "giant sucking sound" of lost jobs the media pundits laughed at him, making him sound like a fool. But history proves his words were true.
The vicious, cowardly attack on democracy in Benton Harbor that Whirlpool Corporation and the corporate power structure is determined to crush anyone who stands in its way. It is part of a process under way across America in various forms. After the once stable working class community of Benton Harbor was devastated by automation, globalization, and NAFTA; the community began resisting. Let's confront the corporations that are destroying this country. Let's stop the NAFTA. Let's confront the NAFTA.           -Rev. Pinkney

Friday, June 16, 2017

Corrupt Judge Denies New Jury Trial in Rev. Edward Pinkney Case

It is our constitutional duty as American citizens to hold our elected officials accountable for their words, action, and inaction of wrongdoing. We must draw the line and decide what to do. If that line is crossed we must use our Constitution. Most judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officials have crossed the line in the sand many times. It's time for the people: poor whites, blacks and Hispanics, to stand together and fight for what is right.

We must fight for justice for all any time you have a judge like Alfred Butzbaugh, who is a racist. It took over 53 days to render a fifth grade decision denying me a new trial. I am a man of God, and an innocent man, convicted by an all-white jury that violated the sanctity of their oath and were motivated by something other than the pursuit of truth and justice. The blindfolded lady holding the scales of justice no longer exists.

The corruption and the deceitfulness continues in Berrien County courthouse. In my motion for a new trial, I argued that I was charged, but never arraigned, nor did I receive due process by the dumb judge Alfred and prosecutor. I was denied a public trial, when the judge locked the courtroom doors. One of the jurors reported to the court that during the recess, she saw one of Rev. Edward Pinkney's attorneys make a drug deal in the courthouse parking lot. She lied saying several blacks came up to her and her husband and asked for money. She was not removed from the jury. The Berrien County courthouse is so blatantly corrupt that even the legal system, the establishment has been forced to recognize it. It does not provide a just legal system. The corruption starts at the top. They customarily and regularly deprive Blacks and Hispanics of due process.

The corruption and deceitfulness continues in Berrien County courthouse. Judge Butzbaugh has violated his oath. I support the constitution of the United States and the state of Michigan. We are still waiting on this racist judge to do the same. Judge Butzbaugh has failed the people, the community, his duties, and his office.

The Herald Palladium is known as the Herald Pollution, because of all the racist garbage the newspaper writes. The fascist newspaper is the main reason a Black man cannot get a fair trial in the Berrien County trial court. The corruption that exists in the county must be stopped.

When are the people going to take a stand? The challenge is clear. The case of Rev. Pinkney is a concentration of the criminalization of a generation of people. This is not just a black issue, nor is it just a person of color issue. It is a whole country issue. We the people must confront the corrupt legal system at all costs.

The Herald Palladium Does the Work of Nazi Sympathizers

The Herald Palladium newspaper of Berrien County, Michigan, is an enclave with Nazi roots. The newspaper does the work of Nazi sympathizers. Adolf Hitler would be proud of the fascist, racist attitude of the Herald Palladium newspaper.

The Black community in Benton Harbor has always spoken about the fascist Herald Palladium newspaper. Many people in the community refuse to speak about the Herald Palladium, afraid of retaliation.

I have witnessed and I do recall a groundswell of Nazism, cross burning, noose hanging, and swastikas were commonplace, including on some of the houses in Berrien County and especially in St. Joseph, Three Oaks, New Buffalo, Stevensville, and Union City. Many people declined to speak about the racism and fascism on the record, but those who did dispute the cities were taunted by discrimination, intimidation, hatred, even violent attacks, and in some cases arrested and sent to jail or even prison.

The Herald Palladium newspaper is owned by the Paxton family out of the state of Kentucky. The Paxton family has always condoned fascism and racism. The Herald Palladium openly practiced racism for years. The system was psychological and physical at the same time. The Herald Palladium newspaper is part of the system. The Black people of Benton Harbor, Michigan, were taught discipline by the oppressor, which is the establishment, who operate the system that oppresses the people again and again with the idea of their own inferiority to know their place, to see blackness as a sign of subordination, to be awed by the power of the master to merge their interests.

The Paxton family own the fascist Herald Palladium that is operated by the residents of St. Joseph, Michigan. The newspaper is an arm of the Whirlpool Corporation who are known as poverty pimps. The Paxton family's and the Herald Palladium's hypocrisy has no limits. The newspaper has a large credibility gap. Most people would say the newspaper would not know the truth if it would hit them right in the face.

We must see the evils of fascism, racism, economic exploitation and militarism. The Herald Palladium is leading the charge against the people and all three are tied together and you can't really get rid of one without getting rid of all three. We must confront fascism, racism, and hatred at the same time.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Rev. Pinkney Is Free!

After serving his minimum sentence of 30 months (two-and-a-half years), Rev. Pinkney was released from Michigan state prison this Tuesday morning. He is home with his wife, Dorothy, and resting.

Those in the area can welcome Rev. Pinkney home on July 8.

Saturday, July 8
St. Matthew & St. Joseph Episcopal Church
8850 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI
Dinner will be served (bring a dish if you can)

Financial help is needed - we will present Rev. Pinkney with a Welcome Home check at the Detroit celebration!

Send checks to ~
Moratorium NOW Coalition
5920 Second Ave.
Detroit, MI 48202
(on memo line write: Welcome Home Rev. Pinkney).

Let's give Rev. Pinkney a big welcome home!

Friday, June 02, 2017

Rev. Pinkney’s lawyers speak on recent Michigan Supreme Court Order on Pinkney’s appeal

June 2017 

Editor’s note:  As we go to print, the Michigan Supreme Court has issued an order which Rev. Pinkney’s lawyers discuss below. Please be aware, also of other good news: Rev. Edward Pinkney is scheduled to be released from prison on June 13, after serving 30 months!
“The Order of the Michigan Supreme Court for oral argument on whether prejudicial evidence was admitted at Pinkney’s trial and whether the statute is valid is good news. The first would get hima new trial, which they probably would not pursue because he has already served his sentence. The second would dismiss the charges.” — Hugh M. Davis
“It is clear that the Michigan Supreme Court has shown interest in the two issues it specified in the order. The first issue, involving the introduction [into the trial] of Pinkney’s political and community activities that went beyond the recall effort of the former mayor, should be of great concern to all— even to people who do not support Pinkney and are against his political and social positions. A great deal of that political and community activity was critical of local officials and a local corporation. The use of this First Amendment activity to obtain a conviction is very disturbing.” — Tim Holloway
We encourage reproduction of this article so long as you credit the source.
Copyright © 2017 People's Tribune. Visit us at http://peoplestribune.org

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Rev. Edward Pinkney Will Be Released on June 13!!!

After serving the minimum sentence, 30 months (2-1/2 years), for a crime he never committed, Rev. Edward Pinkney will be released on parole on Tuesday, June 13!

He is in good spirits and looks forward to reuniting with his wife, Dorothy, his community, and supporters.

You can welcome Rev. Pinkney home yourself at a dinner in Detroit on July 8!

Saturday, July 8
2 PM
St. Matthew & St. Joseph Episcopal Church
8850 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI
Dinner will be served (bring a dish if you can)

From the organizers:
We are also collecting funds for a 'Welcome Home Rev. Pinkney' check to be presented to him at that time. Folks can send checks to Moratorium NOW Coalition, 5920 Second Ave., Detroit, MI 48202 (on memo line write Welcome Home Rev. Pinkney).
Let's give Rev. Pinkney a big welcome home from the belly of the beast!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Judge Scott Schoefield of Berrien County tough on crime—gives white veteran break at sentencing

By Rev. Edward Pinkney, 5/15/17
A Berrien County judge on Monday, who is known for being tough on Blacks, handed down a ridiculously light prison sentence to a white man who shot at a semi driver on I94 last September, with the judge singling out the defendant’s military service as the reason for his ridiculously mild sentence. 
Norris pleaded guilty in February to assault with the intent to do great bodily harm, but less than murder, and to the discharge of a firearm from a motor vehicle. Both are ten-year felonies and felony firearm punishable by a mandatory two-year prison term to be served prior to any others. 
Schofield ordered Norris to serve the mandatory two-year term for firing a firearm during the commission of a felony! This is followed by only a one to 10-year sentence for the actual assault charge and only 186 days concurrent for the discharge of a weapon from a motor vehicle: i.e., a drive-by shooting! 
Norris will also get credit on the two-year term for 186 days served in Berrien County jail. He was ordered to pay only $896 in restitution to the trucking company for which the semi driver Shotko was driving. 
Judge Scott Schofield deviated from the sentencing guidelines because Norris is a white man. The sentencing guidelines range from a minimum of 19-38 months for assault with the intent to kill and a minimum of 10-23 months for discharging a weapon. 
The danger Mr. Norris put the public in by his actions is very serious and dangerous. Norris is a danger to the public, but he was given a mere slap on the wrist! Norris also shot at another vehicle on I94 a few miles down the road, but he was given a very, very light sentence. 
The prosecutor and the judge came out to support Norris, who could have killed several people on a major highway in his assault with the intent to kill and discharge of a weapon several times on I94 while traveling over 75 mph in his vehicle. Judges compete to be the toughest on crime, especially when a Black man is involved; therefore, it is extremely unfortunate that Norris was given only a slap on the wrist and was told to not do this anymore!
The people who are financing these elections are largely unconcerned with whatever modest differences exist between candidates on crime, as long as they are tough on crime. When judges fail to impose the most severe punishment, it is overlooked unless the offender is a minority. 
Norris is a white man who received a slap on the wrist by one of the most corrupt judges in Berrien County’s trial court. This is just one of many cases, when it comes to white defendants in Berrien County, that are treated with great leniency. We must lose the chains on the minorities and we must confront the corrupt criminal justice system. 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Progress in Rev. Pinkney's Appeal!

At last, there is some forward motion in Rev. Pinkney's appeal to the Michigan Supreme Court. Last September, Rev. Pinkney's legal team filed an application for leave to appeal his case to the staet supreme court. On Wednesday, the court issued an order granting oral arguments to be made in support of that application.

The court also requested additional briefings on two of the major topics in Rev. Pinkney's appeal. These issues are known as the 404(b) issue and the 168.937 issue. The first issue relates to the misuse of Rev. Pinkney's constitutionally protected political and community activities to influence the verdict, and the second issues relates to the question of whether he was prosecuted under a statute that is actually only a penalty provision, that is, it can't be used to prosecute anyone.

The wheels of justice turn slowly, but this is at least a step in the right direction. Rev. Pinkney's attorney said that most applications for leave to appeal to the supreme court are simply denied. This order indicates that they are interested in hearing more about some of the important issues at stake.

It may be months before the oral arguments are heard, but as soon as they are scheduled, word will go out to pack the courtroom that day!

You can read the order here: http://publicdocs.courts.mi.gov/sct/public/orders/154374_147_01.pdf

The Mother of all bombs

By Rev. Edward Pinkney, 5/16/17
A correct anti-war perspective is not just a moral condemnation of war, but a strategic orientation about how to best resist the drive to imperialism by the United States government. 
Civilian casualties erode America’s morals. The White House ordered U.S. forces to drop one of its largest conventional weapons, known as the “mother of all bombs,” in Afghanistan. The attack came with a major risk of civilian lives which means very little to the United States government that spawns new enemies, fuels insurgencies and diminishes American morals. 
Already, there are indications of a growing number of civilian deaths resulting from the White House bombing campaign. According to some estimates, over 200 people died during the March 17, 2017 air strike in Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city. It was potentially the largest single loss of innocent lives in the USA led coalition strike since the fight against the Islamic State began in 2014. The United States government is the biggest bully in the whole wide world.
Airwar.org, a non-profit group, says civilian deaths from coalition air strikes in Iraq and Syria rose from 585 in the last quarter of 2016 to 2,580 in the first quarter of 2017.
The Pentagon is careless about taking such risks seriously when it comes to civilians in Syria—the women and children. There is no military in the entire world that has proven less sensitive to civilian casualties.
War is an ugly business. The world is full of war criminals, like the United States, that destroy innocent lives to advance their ideologies. The United States government’s premise is to target anyone who gets in its way, even if that means the targeting of innocent civilians; this means nothing to our government. 
Another misdirected air strike by the USA led coalition earlier this week killed 18 civilians in Northern Syria. The central command said that the coalition aircraft were given the wrong coordinates. The United States has no regard for the Syrian people.
This is nothing short of criminal betrayal of international solidarity and provides political cover for the American ruling class. The New York Times and other major corporate U.S. news outlets rushed to accuse the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad of being responsible for the scores of people who died from poison gas in Idlib Province, Syria on April 4, 2017.
We have heard this before—remember the weapons of mass destruction! Former President Bush led in these lies about Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. These lies were used to justify the imperialist invasion of Iraq in 2003. 
Republicans and Democrats joined in cheerleading President Trump’s decision to unleash bombing raids on Syria as a reprisal against Assad. The mother of all bombs, the bomb known officially as a GBU 43B or Massive Ordinance Air Blast (MOAB) weapon unleashes 11 tons of explosives! 
We the people must stop this bully who will continue to berate, bully, and bomb countries, including those countries that are incapable of defending themselves. We must confront this bully in our White House at all costs!