Monday, November 20, 2017

Supreme Court Hears Pinkney Case

By Philip A. Bassett

In early November, Michigan’s court of last resort finally heard the oral arguments in the
case of Rev. Edward Pinkney. The 69 year old activist, free since June of this year after serving a 30-month sentence, is still pursuing the appeal on moral grounds. It’s been a long road, but he may have a receptive audience this time in the Michigan Supreme Court.

There have been a large number of irregularities in Berrien County’s prosecution of Rev.
Pinkney but the two that attorney Tim Holloway highlighted were the law that was used to
convict the reverend and the prejudicial nature of the prosecution.

The law the prosecution used, it seems, is only a “penalty” provision, which doesn’t spell
out the “elements” of the charges in any clear way. Chief Justice Stephen Markman remarked that it was then a “nothing” and wondered aloud if that discrepancy could, after all this time, be used to charge Pinkney again. Whether the musings of a legal master or a veiled threat, it was a subtle reminder that this is an intricate game of chess, after all, and a good reason for the average person to stay out of court.

Aside from that, most of the justices seemed to regard that section of the legal code as
ponderous and unclear, with Markman commenting that the average person couldn’t be expected to wade “through 700 pages” before circulating a petition. Even the prosecutor admitted that the law was unclear, though he quipped that, “so is the tax code”.

The other thing that had the prosecution in the hot seat was the extensive use of racial
innuendo at the Pinkney trial. It seems the only thing the government could find to put in the
evidence bag was that Rev. Pinkney is an effective, influential black leader who has the audacity to lead marches and hold meetings, and has enough star power to bring Danny Glover to town. In some places that would be okay, but in Berrien County it was enough to scare the hell out of an all-white jury.

Supreme Court Justice David Viviano spoke at length to the prosecutor, saying he had
read the transcript and was surprised to find so many references to seemingly innocent activities submitted as evidence. He even asked if the prosecutor thought these references might be seen as “prejudicial”. Justices Bernstein and Wilder also raised concerns. The prosecutor, for his part, fielded the questions calmly and easily. You might have thought he was talking about his golf game, rather than two and a half years of a man’s life.

Of the other justices, Zahra seemed non-committal and McCormack was silent
throughout the proceeding. The seventh justice, Jane Larsen, was absent. I talked to Rev. Pinkney right after the hearing. It’s amazing how tall he stands after being dragged down by Berrien County’s brand of justice and spending two and a half years in the hell called prison. He told me that Justice Larsen had been promoted, reducing the panel to six people and creating the possibility of a 3-3 tie. Furthermore, he said, that if the votes of the remaining six ended in a deadlock, that would mean a loss for him.

That seemed like an unacceptable ending for such a long fight, so a few days later I called
the court clerk’s office. The woman who answered confirmed that, yes, there could be a tie and that it was all dealt with in the Constitution. She explained that, first of all, a tie was “extremely rare” (there normally being seven judges) and that it could only happen under “extraordinary circumstances”. I couldn’t help thinking that, for most people, a promotion would come under the heading of “ordinary”.

Perhaps sensing the worry in my voice, she went on to assure me that the judges “don’t
want a tie” anyway and stressed again that ties were extremely rare. In other words, a gray area. I got off the phone with a little better idea of how Berrien County has been getting away with their shenanigans for so long. It seems our laws are deliberately kept vague so they can be bent, as needed. Referring to the law that convicted Rev. Pinkney, “vague” doesn’t even begin to describe it, and the judges know it.

So the court now has three options.

They could take the high road and grant the appeal. Unfortunately, this road is seldom
used by the judiciary nowadays, large swaths of it having been removed from the state. (Some say it is totally inaccessible in Berrien County.) Still, they might throw Rev. Pinkney a bone, since he has already served his sentence and they wouldn’t, in effect, be giving him anything.

They could take the low road, requiring no course change from the route taken since the
inception of this case. It’s a sad day in the United States when a man can be locked up for two and a half years over five dates that were supposedly changed in a petition drive he was involved with. That his appeal was denied at the appellate level is staggering; a denial at this level would be monstrous—enough to send shivers up the spine of anyone who has ever circulated a petition.

The third choice is the no-road, or a tie, and since this option is currently available, it will
likely be used. There are several advantages to this course: the court doesn’t have to align itself with the Berrien County court house, which, to my knowledge, has the worst reputation in the state; they don’t have to give in to Pinkney, who, it is said, thinks well of himself; they avoid any controversy because they just couldn’t help it; and, finally, it fulfills their role as chief obfuscators of last resort, assuring no real progress toward a level playing field in Michigan.

However, even the third choice has its problems. American faith in the judiciary, and law
enforcement in general, is waning. The average person is becoming aware of government tactics and the amount of lies made by officials in court rooms. This epiphany might be compared to the exposure of pedophile priests in the Catholic Church—it will only get worse, and when people begin to feel the brunt of it, our judicial system will be shaken to the core. We may even be coming to a time when wearing a black robe will be seen as a sign of shame. But that is probably a ways off yet.

In the meantime, to be fair, the current crew in the Supreme Court did show some
promise; maybe they’ll do the right thing. We’ll see.

Philip A. Bassett is the author of Soldier of Truth: The Trials of Rev. Edward Pinkney

Friday, November 17, 2017

The Three Blind Mice Court of Appeal Judges, O'Brien, Kelly, Fort Hood must go...

 The American Criminal Justice System, a system where justice is totally absent. There is no such thing as justice in America for people of color. The Lady with the scales of justice is imbalanced especially against people of color. We must continue to fight against this grave imbalanced to ensure a humane and just future for all people. We must demand that justice is served.

The Three Blind Mice on Michigan Court of Appeals, should have reversed this conviction for four reasons. I will give you a couple of reasons. The most important reason, I argued that this conviction must be reversed is because MCL 168. 937 does not create the substantive offence of election forgery. Second, I argue that this conviction must be reversed because the prosecutor presented no evidence to support his conviction, absolutely no evidence that Rev Pinkney committed any crime. Rev Pinkney was right on point. There was absolutely no evidence to convict him.

The Three Blind Mice stated Rev Pinkney was the leader so he must have done it, if he did not do it he told somebody to forge the recall petition. This is ridiculous. The prosecutor presented absolutely no evidence to support convicting Rev Pinkney. The jury was motivated by something other than the truth; if the jury was honest it would have found Rev Pinkney not guilty.

Rev Pinkney additionally argued on Appeal to the Three Blind Mice judges, that his conviction must be reversed, because the trial court erroneously instructed the jury that it could convict Rev Pinkney under an aiding and abetting theory. The Three Blind Mice, O Brien, Kelly and Fort-Hood all disagree with Rev Pinkney you could see the corruption on their face.

Finally, Rev Pinkney argues that his conviction must be reversed, because other evidence introduced was Rev Pinkney bringing Danny Glover, Jeremiah Wright, Cynthia McKinney, Jessie Jackson and several others. The prosecutor even mention BANCO; what does that have to do with forgery on a recall petition? This violation of MRE 404(B) his constitutional right to free speech and his constitutional right to due process was violated.

The Three Blind Mice, Obrien, Kelly, Fort-Hood were legislating from the bench. You can not legislate from the bench. The communities all around the state of Michigan are sick and tired of the Michigan Court of Appeal Court. We must remove all these bad apples and there are a lot of them. We must demand justice be served for all the people and not just a select few. We must remove the Three Blind Mice from office. Let's vote them out.  

Rev. Edward Pinkney

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Whirlpool Corp. would NEVER allow a fair-minded atty. like this anywhere near Berrien County, Michigan

Screen shot 2017 11 08 at 2.04.43 pm
Larry Krasner
Open thread for night owls: In Philly D.A. race, 'completely unelectable' leftist Krasner elected
Nyle Fort at In These Times interviewed Larry Krasner, who won election as Philadelphia’s new district attorney Tuesday. Here’s an excerpt:
Larry Krasner ran as arguably the most progressive District Attorney candidate in the country. In May, he sent shockwaves throughout the Pennsylvania political establishment after winning the Philadelphia Democratic primary. And last night he defeated his Republic opponent Beth Grossman by more than 40 points in the general election to become Philly’s next DA—part of a broader wave of progressives elected to office.

In These Times spoke to Krasner about the significance of his campaign for local and national politics.
Your campaign website states, “The culture of the Philadelphia DA’s office must change” What exactly must change?
This is a culture that has been focused on trying to bring as many cases against as many defendants as possible, which basically means poor people, as possible. We have one public school after another closing in Philadelphia but we’ve got oh so many prison cells. The reality is that good public education prevents crime. Good drug treatment prevents crime. Good job training prevents crime. Good economic development and availability of jobs, prevents crime. But building more and more jail cells causes the cycle of poverty, it causes crime
How do you understand the relationship between street violence and the institutionalized violence of poverty?
Violence is defined narrowly in terms of people getting hurt on the street by being robbed, by being shot. It is also defined broadly in terms of the trauma that people suffer when they are poor, when they have no hope, etc. How is it related? We know that people who have been traumatized, people who have been neglected, people who have moved 50 times during their childhood because no one could ever afford the rent, tend to end up in jail. We have accepted a prevention model in public health a long time ago and we need to be willing to make that small shift and accept that in the realm of criminal justice.
You sued the Philadelphia Police Department 75 times. As District Attorney how will you hold police accountable?
Number one, you could stop treating them as if they are entitled to different treatment. It’s really not that complicated to treat rich people and poor people and famous people and unfamous people and people who wear uniforms and people who don’t the same. [...]

Rev Edward Pinkney goes to the Michigan Supreme Court to enforce the Constitution and Berrien County prosecutor Aaron Mead got a Butt Whipping!

 It was a very exciting day for the people of the State of Michigan. On November 7, 2017, I went to the Michigan Supreme Court to enforce the constitution. The Michigan Supreme Court hammered Berrien Court prosecutor Aaron Mead. It was a beat down. He could not answer any questions concerning Michigan State law 168.937. I mean it was a real Butt Whipping. They wanted to know where does Berrien County draw the line.

The problem is the Michigan Supreme Court normally rules in favor of the prosecutor to protect the corruption that exists inside of the courtrooms in Michigan, even when the evidence is not there to rule in favor of the prosecutor. The Michigan Supreme Court normally does it anyway, but Aaron Mead got a butt spanking inside the Michigan Supreme Court.

I have already completed 30 months in prison for a crime I, nor anybody else I know committed. There was no crime and there is no such law as forgery on a recall petition under MCL168.937.

The Court is looking at whether a law used to charge me with forgery of election documents is a crime and a penalty, it can not be both. It has to be one or the other. The issue is whether the court will be able to use the power of the constitution to their advantage and change the meaning of the law to help the prosecutor.

The statutory or contractual language in the law must be enforced according to his plain meaning and cannot be judicially revised or amended to harmonize with the prevailing policy of the Berrien County courts. The constitution forbids this action.

Any judicial revision or amendment of the plain language of a law involves a court impermissibly legislating from the bench and the law does not allow it, The Supreme Court judges must function within their constitutional responsibility to act in accordance with its system of separation of powers, by exercising only the judicial power. If the legislature wishes to provide that forgery of additional election code documents can be prosecuted, it must provide for this with pain language in a statute. Doing otherwise is the role of the legislature and not the role of Berrien County Courts.

Let the truth be told. The structure of the election code must be read in a manner with each of these penalty provisions, applying only when some other section of the code proscribes forgery, perjury, or other crimes.

It is presumed that the legislature had knowledge of MCL 168.937, the law in which I was charged. When it added language proscribing forgery from another law, MCL168.759. It is well-established principle that the legislature is presumed to be aware of all existing statutes when enacting new laws. if the legislature deemed another law, MCL168.937 as providing for felony liability for forgery of any and all election code documents, there would have been no need to add the provision in MCL 168.759. Particularly important here is the rule of the Black Law Dictionary that states that legislature generally does not cover the same ground in separate statutes.

Any claim that MCL168.937 creates substantive crimes, based on forgery of any and all election-related documents by any person renders other section of the election code prohibit forgery as surplus, contrary to Michigan law. I have stated for many years that MCL 168.937 was a penalty and did not create substantive crime.

The prosecutor Mike Sepic violated the Michigan Rules of Evidence, with the help of Judge Sterling Schrock. The Michigan Constitution, The U.S. First Amendment, and due process were violated by the judge and the prosecutor by introducing evidence of Rev Pinkney's speech, political activities, community activities, his radio show, Rev Pinkney bringing Danny Glove, Jessie Jackson, Jeremiah Wright, and others to Benton Harbor.

The prosecutor also asked at least one witnesses in its case whether Rev Pinkney participated in a radio program. The prosecutor asked Rev Pinkney, what does this have to do with Rev Pinkney changing dates on a recall petition, was Rev Pinkney involved with Ed Billing of Colorado a political cartoon expert. Rev Pinkney was asked whether he has been on Internet radio show program Pete Santilli. Rev Pinkney was asked about the BANCO website.

The First Amendment to the Michigan Constitution and MRE 403 were violated, Due process was violated.

The Supreme Court hearing was an opportunity to get this injustice right. and to check the all-white jury which was motivated by something other than the truth, hand picked of Gail Freehling, Jill Olsen, David Dill, Catherine Roamer of Lake Shore High School  Judge Sterling Schrock's friend), Carolyn Davis, Carlia Witz, Allen Prysky, Scott Rose. and four others, all got it wrong.

We must confront injustice with truth and speak truth to power. The Judge Sterling Schrock and Prosecutor Mike Sepic and the jury should be tried for Crimes against Humanity.        

Rev Edward Pinkney

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Major victory for the people!

 It was a MAJOR victory for the people. The struggle that has taken place in recent years in Benton Harbor is a case in point and one that holds a number of lessons for the American people.

The residents of Benton Harbor voted to approve a city income tax. on Tuesday, November 7, 2017. The Benton Harbor residents voted for a city income tax by 21 votes. It should have been by 5,000 votes.The total was 511 to 490 votes.

City Commissioner Mary Alice Adam said, "It is a blessing that I can get up in the morning and be joyful about getting some of our streets repaired in the near future." The city commissioners passed a resolution in July 2017, stating that all money from the city income tax will go to repair roads.

In 2013 Benton Harbor residents proposed that city enact by referendum a 1 percent income tax aimed at all businesses, especially Whirlpool Corporation who pay no taxes, to solve the city of Benton Harbor financial problem. Whirlpool and former Mayor James Hightower, a puppet for Whirlpool Corporation, worked hard to defeat the measure through a massive disinformation campaign.

This launched a massive effort to recall the puppet Mayor James Hightower for supporting Whirlpool rather than the residents of Benton Harbor. We gathered, more than the required number of signatures to force a recall election and turned them into the most corrupt county clerk in the country, Sharon Tyler, who verified the signatures to be enough; we had more than enough to go forward.

Former Mayor James Hightower and Whirlpool went to work to stop the recall election and to have me arrested for forgery.The election was stopped, I was arrested, but the very next year James Hightower lost the election by a landslide.

These are major victories for the city of Benton Harbor, winning both the election of the former Mayor James Hightower and the winning the election for the income tax. In back to back years. the city of Benton Harbor is ready to go the next level.

The residents of Benton Harbor deserve as many victories as possible, let make this happen.    
Rev Edward Pinkney

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Berrien County white, Doctor charged with 10 felonies, no jail, no prison nothing. Only in America!

This is the story of a St Joseph, Michigan doctor, a podiatrist charged with 10 felony counts, five counts of diverting opioids and five counts of health care fraud. Delivery of one of the strongest narcotics on the market, if convicted would result in 20 years per charge, which would give the doctor over a hundred years in prison. The doctor was running a drug ring inside the county.

Dr. Craig Sherwood pleaded no contest on Thursday to only ten felony counts, when it could be over two hundred charges. Dr. Sherwood wrote prescriptions between 2014 to 2016 in the name of his family members, who were not his patients. He also wrote opioid prescriptions for his patients and encouraged them to bring back any unused portion. Most were paid by private insurance companies. He is one of the scums of the earth. 

Berrien County Prosecutor Mike Sepic told WSJM News he will not seek incarceration. Mike Sepic has a long history of protecting the white residents of Berrien County.

Former County Commissioner Robert Wooley stole almost a million dollar, committed forgery for seven years from 4 different accounts and filed a false audit. He was never charged with forgery, only because he is white. This is how one white supremacist protects another white supremacist in Berrien County.

The Berrien County Sheriff Department aided police officer Andrew Collins in planting drugs on more than 300 citizens of Benton Harbor. The Sheriff Department deputies trained Collins on how to plant the drugs, write a false report and get a warrant from the judge. Berrien County Sheriff Department, Berrien County Prosecutor office, and Berrien County judges were all in on the corruption.

Former Police Officer Andrew Collins told it all. He would not have gotten caught had he not beaten a white man in St Joseph, Michigan. The scales of Lady Justice are imbalanced especially against people of color. We must continue to fight against this grave imbalanced to ensure a humane just future for all people.

For the homeless, for the poverty-stricken, for the weary, all across our country, we must demand that justice is served for all people.  
Rev Edward Pinkney

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Happy Birthday, Rev. Pinkney!!!

On Monday, friends celebrated Rev. Pinkney's birthday with him and with Mrs. Dorothy Pinkney in Detroit. We are so grateful for all your work on behalf of the people, and we're also grateful for your health and your freedom!

Rev. and Mrs. Pinkney

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Blind Obedience To a Corrupt Berrien County System Has No Consequences

The blind obedience and the injustice inside of a corrupt system have no consequences in Berrien County. White privilege, law enforcement, the good ole boy system really work in Berrien County. There is no such thing as justice.The lady with the scales of justice no longer exists in Berrien County.

Keegan Oscar Trail, a former sheriff deputy, was forced to resign before he could be arrested and fired. He was allowed to resign before, he could be arrested for improper relationship with a jail inmate and solicitation of a prostitute.

Keegan Trail said, "I resigned because I was upset. I had just been told of my improper relationship with several inmates from the Berrien County jail (Amber Green and Amber Slaughter)." Deputy Trail said, "They gave me no details, of what it was, but I already knew, and they told me a detective would be calling me." I said, "why can't I know now?" He already knew what it was. "That was it, I walked out, I walked out the meeting on administrative leave, for soliciting sex from a prostitute, approximately one hour later. I was so upset, that the sheriff department would come after a sheriff deputy for soliciting sex from a prostitute, a former inmate, and for having sex pictures of an inmate on my cell phone, of Amber Green. I resigned."

Then attorney Marienfeld asked, Keegan Trail "did you ever communicate with Amber Green?" The answer was yes. "How did it come about that you were exchanging messages with Amber Green. "Did you initiate the contact or did she?" Keegan said, "it was me. I picked her up at her home and took her to my home and had sex with the former inmate and took nude pictures with my cell phone." Manienfeld, "But you were a sheriff deputy." "yes..."

Attorney Marienfld said, "I want to switch to Amber Slaughter. Did you know Amber Slaughter when she was an inmate in Berrien County?" "Yes," Keegan Trail.  Did you have sexual intercourse with Amber Slaughter? Keegan Tail, "Yes." The attorney asked Keegan Trail, "Did you initiate plan- did you initiate the text message to meet Amber Slaughter at the Red Roof Inn motel?" Mr. Trail said, yes. Mr. Trail was asked, "Do you recall discussing paying money for sex?" Keegan Trail said yes. She asked, "how much did you have?"  "I believe I said sixty." Attorney, "So you paid sixty dollars for sex?" yes...

Mr.Keegan Oscar Trail was convicted of soliciting sex with a prostitute and given a promotion. He is now with the Berrien County Road Commission. He is still on the Berrien County payroll. He was promoted for initiating contact with female jail inmates and having sex. We do not know how many women may be involved, He should not be working for the county and paid with our tax dollars.

There had long been suspicions that the sheriff department was dirty, had dirty hands with plenty of evidence to support it. There is a problem in this Berrien County, with Bill Wolf running the good ole boy system of corrupt politics.   
Rev. Edward Pinkney

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

What Shall I Tell My Children?

What do I tell my children, who are black about America, do I tell them that the America Flag is bloody with innocent lives. Do I tell them the truth? or do I tell them the lies that white people have been telling Black Children for centuries? Do I tell them the lie, that in America, They can become anything they choose or do I tell the truth, that in America, immigrants who come to this country from anywhere in the world will always be ahead of you, no matter what you do because you are Black?

Do I tell them that Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, and former President Barack Obama are a false flag? Our children are told to be like them yet, they probably will never be like them. In reality, they can't be like them.

Do I tell them 38% of Black Children in America 4.2 million are born into poverty and live and die in poverty regardless of any actions they take in life?

Do I tell them that most Black children will more likely attend segregated, inferior under-resourced schools with the worst teachers and that they will receive sub-par educations launching them onto the path of social failure?

Do I tell them that the average 17-year-old Black student in America has the reading and math scores of the average 13-year-old white student?

Do I tell them that white high school dropouts have the same chance of employment as a Black college student and that a white felon has the same chance of employment as a black person, who has never been convicted of a crime?

Do I tell them that Black men and women with the same qualification degrees, credential and skills will earn substantially less than white men and women doing the same work, that the same earning gap prevalent during Jim Crow in the 1950s is the same earning gap that exists today in 2017? 

Do I tell them that Black men are mostly to be incarcerated for the same offenses for which many white men are exonerated and their incarcerated record will systematically destroy their chances for a successful like and meaningful fatherhood as well as their employment and financial future? Do I tell them that while Black men constitute about 13% of the United States population, Blacks comprise about 50% of the United States prison population?

Do I  tell them that if white household stopped increasing their wealth today? If Black household continued increasing our wealth at the current rate, it would take 228 years for Blacks household to catch up to white household wealth.

Do I tell them that even if they work 10 times harder than white children, they will always be considered Black and inferior to white children by white people?

Do I tell them that United States president Donald Trump recently call violent, racist Nazi's, skinheads, Ku Klux
Klan members and White supremacist very fine people and a short time later, he called hard working generous, peaceful, protesting most Black football son of bitches?

Now tell me what do I tell my children and grandchildren about the bloody flag and America.
Rev Edward Pinkney

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

It seems Blacks athletes have forgotten their place

Dear black people;

I guess we have messed up again. It seems like we are never going to learn how to properly protest no matter how hard white people try to teach us, we will never learn.

When there was violence in the streets over the unpunished police killing of black men, they said that was the wrong way to go about it. The only right way to go about is the white man's way.

But, when peaceful street demonstrations took place, whites didn't like that either. NFL player Colin Kaepernick, my hero, hit on the idea of sitting through the national anthem.

But whites said that was disrespectful to veterans, so My Hero Kaepernick started taking a knee instead. Many others following suit.

Whites said that was still wrong and my hero Kaepernick has found himself blacklisted or blackballed.

Then came this Donald Trump who took time out from comparing missiles with Kim Jong In and ignoring Puerto Rico to declare that the athlete who takes a knee is a son of a bitch and should be fired for disrespecting America and the bloody flag. The Trump was harder on the athletes than on the neo-Nazis and the white supremacist, who marched in Charlottesville.

Meantime some observers, including television personality Geraldo Rivera, have gripped that politics has no place in sports. Whites made similar arguments about comic books when Marvel unveiled a black Spider-Man and about Beyoncé performed formation at the super bowl.

I though politics was woven into all forms of human expression. I would have sworn it's been a part of sports since at least 1910 Jack Johnson knocked out a white man, one named Jim Jeffries and white people across America rioted in outrage. I thought it had been part of comics since at least 1941, when Captain America decked Adolf Hitler, and of music since at least 1939, when Billie Holiday sang Strange Fruit.

My hero Colin Kaepernick represents the fight against police brutality, police crimes, and racism, racist discrimination in many ways. Thank you, my hero, Colin Kaepernick.
Rev Edward Pinkney

Sen. Coleman Young II

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Michigan’s Kinross Prison Strike: Reflections from Inside

"Michigan’s Kinross Prison Strike: Reflections from Inside is an exclusive archive of audio interviews with people currently incarcerated in Michigan who witnessed and lived through the historic September 2016 prison strike. It is a collaboration between our comrades inside, MAPS, and Rustbelt Abolition Radio."

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

General Baker my Hero, the Poor People Campaign with Rev Edward Pinkney

Martin Luther King's vision, The poor people 's campaign of 1967-68.
Why a poor people's campaign?

Just a year before his assassination at a Southern Christian Leadership Conference staff retreat in May 1967, Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr proclaimed.

"I think it is necessary for us to realize that we have moved from the era of civil rights to the era of human rights... When we see that there must be a radical redistribution of economic and political power, then we see that for the last twelve years we have been in a reform movement that after Selma and the Voting Rights Bill, we moved into a new era, which must be an era of revolution.... In short, we have moved into an era where we are called upon to raise certain basic questions about the whole society."

Later that year, in December 1967, Reverend Dr. King announced the plan to bring together the poor people from across the country for a new march on Washington. This march was to demand better jobs, better homes, better education, better lives than the ones they were living.

There can be no gainsaying the fact a great revolution is taking place in the world today. In a sense it is a triple revolution; a technological revolution, with the in the impact of automation and cybernation, a revolution of weaponry, with the emergence of an atomic and nuclear weapon of warfare. Lastly,  there is a human rights revolution, with the freedom explosion that is taking place all over the world. Yes, we do live in a period where changes are taking place and the still the voice crying the vista of time saying, "behold, I made all things new, former things are passed away." 

Now, whenever anything new comes it brings with it new challenges and new opportunities. We are coming to Washington in a Poor People's Campaign. Yes, we are going to bring the tired, poor, the huddled masses. We are coming to demand our government address itself to the problem of poverty. We read in the Declaration of Independence,"we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights. Among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," but if a man doesn't have a job or, an income, he has neither life nor liberty nor the possibility for the pursuit of happiness. He merely exists.
We are coming to ask, America to be true to the huge promissory note that is signed years ago, and we are coming to engage in dramatic nonviolent action, to call attention to the gulf between promise and fulfillment, to make the invisible visible.       

Rev Edward Pinkney


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Berrien County, Michigan, is Charlottesville, Virginia, with all the hate!

Berrien County Commissioner, Dave Vollreth, would like to have a statue of Hitler put up. He is acting on the impulse of hatred, completely devoid of humanity. Dave Vollrath represents Coloma Township, Hager Township, and part of Watervliet which are about 99% white.

There are many members of the KKK, Neo-Nazi and White Supremacists who take part in a criminal activity in Berrien County and cover up for one another. Many of these people come to Berrien County meetings every Thursday and are part of the KKK, Neo-Nazi, and the White Supremacists.

This Dave Vollrath is a true racist, here are just a few examples. Dave said "... this black prince attire. I do believe the Sombitch Stole this out of her closet." Why did he have to steal it, because he is black? "She is the first person to get an email from Nigerian Prince and actually receive $20 million dollars."

Dave Vollrath states on Facebook "somebody finally found a job for Rev Al Sharpton, looking crazy, driving Miss Crazy." Dave on his Facebook page has a full page of fat black women protesting and a skinny black man with no meat on his bones, with words coming out of his mouth. "How they got so fat." Then he writes "Annnd they are off, Annnd they're off someone grab a can opener." This is a Berrien County Commissioner talking.

Dave Vollrath, Future Farmer of America, was a war tracker with guns.This is Dave talking, "This is just a thought leaking from my brain to the fingers tapping on the keyboard, but after reading a small headline this morning stating that 850 people remain in a shelter in Louisianna several weeks after flooding in Louisianna left them homeless. They are in the shelter waiting for someone else to come help do something for them." Read that again WTF! Are you kidding me?

"I'm looking for neither praise, nor hate, but come on, there have been people down there helping from day one doing everything they can to help, but you have to get out and do something to get yourself out of there. Whether I was in there alone or had a family of twelve. I would be out of there doing all I can to help myself. starting over from scratch if that was necessary, is this the way we are now?"

"People so coddled and used to being taken care of, that they have no desire, no skills, or ambition to do for themselves. Would you sit around for weeks, with thousands, now down to hundreds of other people waiting for aids? Many people are just too lazy to help them selves."

The Charlottesville, Virginia, and Berrien County,  White supremacists have given the good people and opportunity to come together and confront Berrien  County racist commissioners. Parts 2-3-4-5-6 are coming... 
Rev Edward Pinkney 

Friday, August 18, 2017

Berrien County, Michigan, is Charlottesville, Virginia, with all the hate!

There are many members of the KKK, neo-nazi, and white supremacists who take part in violence as criminals and thugs right in our own back yard in Berrien County, Michigan.

The white supremacists are still hanging nooses and burning crosses in Berrien County and the Board of Commissioner's and the Sheriff's Department are leading the charge against our black citizens.

Violence broke out in Charlottesville, Virginia, after a loose connection of white supremacist, white nationalist, neo-Nazi's and many others far-right extremists assembled to protest the city's decision to remove a towering statue of Confederate General Robert E Lee. A non-violent, white protestor, Heather Heyer 32,  was killed, when a white supremacist plowed his car into a crowd of peaceful protestors, also injuring twenty other people.

We can not hide from our history of slavery and torture of blacks and the continuing
​ ​
of torture today. The time has come to make clear the difference between properly acknowledging our past and glorifying the darkest chapter of America's racist history.

ConfederatI, Rev Edward Pinkney, personally feel the Gen Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson statues, the Confederate flag, the Confederate monuments should be removed. If we are going to protest these things, we should also protest the American flag. We have caught just as much hell under the American flag as we have  under the Confederate flag and symbols.

The black people in this country have a bigger problem than the Confederate flag and monuments. The real problem is the American people. We must stand together --black, white, brown, red, yellow -- against this racist government. We must confront this racist government city by city, county by county and state by state.

We must stand together!     
Rev Edward Pinkney

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Rustbelt Abolition Radio, ep. 8: Schools, Prisons, and Abolitionist Futures

Listen to the latest episode from Michigan's own Rustbelt Abolition Radio!

"In this episode we explore the parallel ways in which the institutions of prisons and schools work to reproduce our current society, racial capitalism, as well as the challenges and possibilities we face in its transformation. Imprisoned intellectual Harold “HH” Gonzales tells us about the history of school segregation and the construction of the so-called school to prison pipeline. We also hear from Erica Meiners, who discusses how schools are embedded in carceral regimes, and encourages us to view them through the wider lens of abolitionist struggle. We conclude the episode with imprisoned artist Steven Hibbler, on how the policing and criminalization of Black and Brown youth prefigure the racist carceral logic of our society."

Monday, August 14, 2017

August 18, 11:30 am, Lansing: Millions for Prisoners Solidarity Demonstration

Millions for Prisoners Solidarity Demonstration

a nationwide weekend of action against mass incarceration and prison slavery

Friday, August 18, 11:30 am
Wentworth Park - 100 N. Grand Ave, Lansing 48933

Join a demonstration in solidarity with the Millions for Prisoners march on Washington. The Washington march has been called by the grassroots iamWE Prisoner Solidarity Network ( This is part of a nationwide weekend of action against mass incarceration and prison slavery.

Bring water, good shoes, signs, banners, and DRUMS OR OTHER NOISE MAKERS.

Join the Facebook event

Michigan Abolition and Prisoner Solidarity (MAPS)

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Two More Cases of Sexual Torture by Berrien County Deputies

Two more women who were sexually assaulted and sexually tortured while in the Berrien County jail by five Berrien County Sheriff Department deputies have come forward and added to a lawsuit filed last week according to Southfield, Michigan, lawyer Lennox Emanuel. They join five other women whose lawsuit was filed July 24, 2017, Berrien County Court in front of Dennis Wiley.

The county case includes two deputies named in the federal case and three new deputies, who work at the jail. Sheriff Paul Bailey always covers up for the deputies, because he feels they are above the law. Bailey said all three are still employed and will continue to be.

Of the three sheriff deputies who were named in the federal cases, two resigned and one was fired, but no arrest, no charges have been filed against the law enforcement officers.

A Federal lawsuit was also filed on April of 2016 by ten other women, who were assaulted and tortured in by Berrien County deputies. They are being represented by a different attorney. The federal lawsuit is scheduled to go to trial July 23, 2018, and will be heard by former Berrien County judge, Paul Maloney, a very dishonest judge, in my opinion.

Berrien County prosecutor Mike Sepic said in an e-mail that he has not been asked to review any of the sexual assaults and sexual torture cases. None of the Berrien County deputies are being investigated for sexual assault or sexual torture or any other criminal conduct and will not be investigated.

Attorney Emanuel said almost all of the plaintiffs in both lawsuits are petite, white women, who were struggling with some form of addiction. He said many of the women were afraid to step forward, because they thought they were the only one being harassed and feared retaliation from law enforcement which has a history of retaliation. In some cases, he said the deputies continued to sexually assault, harass, and torture the women even after they were no longer incarcerated.

They are vulnerable white women. The sheriff department has a pattern for decades of sexually assaulting, harassing, and torturing female inmates; nobody has been arrested nobody goes to jail.

The protector, becomes the predator.               

Rev. Edward Pinkney

Friday, August 04, 2017

Prosecutor Mike Sepic Only Represents the White Community

Here is the latest saga in the ruthless pursuit of the corporate rule gripping the city of Benton Harbor, Michigan.  Whirlpool Corporation, is now responsible for the death of 79 people in the London high rise apartment fire, due to a bad appliance in June of 2017.

The former puppet Mayor of Benton Harbor, James Hightower, along with the county clerk Sharon Tyler, Election Clerk Carolyn Toliver, who have never sworn in and finger printed and turned the recall petition over to the sheriff deputy without a warrant, subpoena or court order, Sheriff Paul Bailey 's  leadership is questionable. The sheriff department is in shambles, more than fifty women have been sexually assaulted and sexually tortured by Berrien County sheriff department and Prosecutor Mike Sepic and Judge Sterling Schrock, Judge Scott Schofield, Judge Charles LaSata, Judge Art Cotter, and Judge Dennis Wiley; the corruption rolls on!

Prosecutor Mike Sepic attempted to get a subpoena to raid the new defense court appointed attorney's office. I am looking forward to that action by Prosecutor Mike Sepic. The judges and prosecutor Mike Sepic are working together against the new court appointed attorneys.

In the government, the prosecutor's office represents the state and the people in each county. Prosecutor Mike Sepic only represents the white community or just white people. The county prosecutor is vested with the power to represent the people on behalf of the commonwealth's interest.The prosecutor begins kicking the political football down the road, by using their propaganda machine, which is the fascist Herald Palladium newspaper, by influencing people with the promise of protection of the victims of crime and safe guarding, when actually innocent people are wrongfully convicted.

Prosecutors, like Mike Sepic, are sworn to search for the truth, but Mike Sepic takes pleasure in poisoning the black community, knowing that only 33% of the white people in Berrien County are good people and 67% are bad to the bone.

Prosecutor Mike Sepic egregious practice of failing to seek the truth to prevent the actual innocent from suffering a gross miscarriage of justice. Our broken system continues to rear its ugly head by wrongfully imprisoning innocent people.

There is a timely quote by the late Senator Barry Goldwater about the system,"Now those who seek absolute power, even though they seek it to enforce their own version of heaven on earth and let me remind you, they are the very ones who always create the most hellish tyranny."  It is frightening to know that our lives are subject to these elected officials, who are sworn to uphold their oath to seek the truth at all cost but refuse to do so.

Historically these elected officials have engaged in misrepresenting the truth by twisting the laws to trap tax paying citizens to pad their resume’ with convictions of innocent victims. The question is, when they the protector become the predator, do our lives really matter to prosecutor and judges?   

Sunday, July 30, 2017

MDOC Callously Fails to Protect Imprisoned People from Harm

A 23-year-old young man from Muskegon has needlessly lost his life after MDOC failed to respond to his pleas for help and protection from a hostile cell-mate. These completely preventable murders happen frequently under MDOC's negligent administration, but in this rare instance others bravely spoke up and Detroit Metro Times broke the story. Shame on MDOC.

Inmates: Michigan prisoner killed by cellmate for being gay, guards ignored repeated pleas for help

When the Protector Becomes the Predator

Sexual violence at the hands of Berrien County Sheriff's Department has multiplied. This year we have already seen a steady trickle of news stories detailing police sexual harassment, sexual assaults, sexual torture, molestation, rape by the Berrien County sheriff deputies. The question is how far up, does sexual torture go? Does sexual torture reach as high as Sheriff Paul Bailey? Does sexual torture reach County Prosecutor Mike Sepic who refuses to arrest anyone? Does sexual torture reach Judge Dennis Wiley, Judge Scott Schofield, Judge Art Cotter, Judge Charles LaSata, Judge Sterling Schrock?

There are rumors that Sheriff Paul Bailey, may be part of the sexual torture of the women happening inside the Berrien County Sheriff Department. Over 50 women have been involved in the sexual attacks by the sheriff department deputies.

One of the victims said, "I was so terrified." The Berrien County Sheriff's Department is like organized gangster mob.

One of the deputies would drive by my house and flash his lights into my home. He would park on the corner and watch my house.
I could not go to the police in Berrien County. The police will protect and lie for each other and would put information concerning law enforcement about sex crimes under the rug.

When the protector becomes the predator, this is the police violence we are not talking about.  Their job is to serve and protect, not to sexual assault and sexually torture women.

The number one problem is when you have a prosecutor like Mike Sepic, who has no respect for women and also believes that he and the sheriff's department are above the law. In our criminal justice system, justice is totally absent from Berrien County, Michigan

All the sexual assaults and the sexual torture by the Berrien County Sheriff's Department should tell the American people something about the justice system, the people are too brainwashed to see it.The American people rush to the defense of the police and they praise prosecutors for false charges, and give the judges a free pass for sending innocent people to prison.

When the protector becomes the predator, sex offenses, sexual assaults, and sexual torture can multiply. When the sheriff, prosecutor, and judges continue to allow sexist attacks on women, they tolerate wrong doing, ignore citizen complaints and fail to supervise the Berrien County sheriff deputies. The Berrien County Sheriff's Department and the Berrien County Courthouse are in shambles. We must confront the corruption inside Berrien County.          

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Five More Women Sexually Tortured by Berrien County Deputies. No Arrest!

Five more women are suing Berrien County and several sheriff deputies; more sexual misconduct, more sexual torture, more sexual assaults. A federal lawsuit was filed last year by 10 of the possible 50 women, who have been sexually tortured.

The latest lawsuit filed on Monday, July 24, 2017, by Southfield lawyer Lennox Emanual on behalf of five women alleges five more deputies were employees in Berrien County when the sexual assault and sexual torture of the female inmates between 2012 and 2016 began.

Two of the five women are also named in the still pending federal lawsuit filed in 2016 in U.S. District Court. The former sheriff deputies coerced female inmates into sex and then tortured the women, in some cases after their release. In an amended complaint filed in May, one of the women said an unnamed Berrien County Commissioner had witnessed McGrew meeting with her to provide money at a public business.

In the lawsuit filed in Berrien County this week, sexual assault, sexual torture and battery, gross negligence and intentional infliction and distress on the part of the individual defendants and hostile environment on the part of Berrien County.

One woman said that between February 2014 and July 2015. Two deputies repeatedly demanded sexual favors in exchange for benefits. The deputies instructed her to pose in various sexual position, while she was jailed for various periods between 2012 and 2016, another deputy provided her with drugs and requested sex in exchange for extra food.

Another female said she was forced by one of the five deputies to pose naked and dance in front of a camera.

Another woman said that in 2015, while she was on supervised release from jail, a deputy requested sex in exchange for money and drugs. The deputy took her to his house on the pretense of offering her work and made her accompany him to a law enforcement conference in the city of Detroit and forced to sleep with him at the hotel.

Judges, Prosecutors, and Police Officers believe themselves to be superior, detached from community they are supposed to be protecting. We must hold them accountable for their actions.    

Rev Edward Pinkney

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Benton Harbor Schools Superintendent, School Board and Whirlpool Corporation Fire Hull Principal !

Benton Harbor School Board of Trustees fired the principal of International Academy at Hull on Tuesday, after almost an hour in closed session.

Benton Harbor School trustees made no comments before approving the termination of principal Romel Bryant, the principal who turned the school around,  by a 5 to 1 vote. Mr Bryant was doing an excellent job, improving the condition, the attitude of the students and turned a troubled school into something special.

After the meeting Superintendent Shelly Walker, a puppet for Whirlpool Corporation said the analysis done for the school board about Bryant’s performance speaks for itself. 

Mr. Bryant created a safe and efficient learning environment. He made this job number one in Benton Harbor. Mr. Bryant was what Benton Harbor School system needed, the improvement was tremendous.

Superintend Shelly Walker said, “We feel that the standard was not met by Mr. Bryant.” Shelly Walker said, “We have certain performance expectation for our employees and no one is above them, regardless if you are improving the school and helping the students.” She wanted Mr. Bryant to suspend students and Mr. Bryant refused to do so.

Whirlpool is in total control of Benton Harbor school system and wanted Mr. Bryant outside the system and he was fired.

In an e-mailed statement after the meeting, Mr. Bryant said he was disappointed by the decision to fire him. He said, “I hope that my concerns of excessive suspensions and physical abuse to students do not fall on deaf ears. Nonetheless, I would like to thank the Benton Harbor School Board and the community for allowing me to lead Hull School. It was truly an experience I will never forget. I wish everyone success going forward.”

Superintendent Walker has denied there were excessive suspensions and physical abuse, but the truth is Benton Harbor has always used excessive suspensions to help Whirlpool control the community.

We must start to educate our children at all cost and keep people, who want to help.  

Monday, July 24, 2017

The City Income Tax is back on the ballot for November, it must pass

Back in 2013 Benton Harbor residents proposed a 1%  city income tax aimed at Whirlpool Corporation and all other corporations who refuse to hire Benton Harbor residence to help solve the city crisis. Whirlpool corporation and the mayor at that time, a puppet for Whirlpool, worked hard to defeat the measure through a massive campaign of lies and misinformation.

This defeat of the income tax referendum, launched an massive effort to recall the puppet mayor for Whirlpool, James Hightower. We gathered twice as many signatures required to force a recall election turning them into the corrupt election Clerk Sharon Tyler and Carolyn Toliver to verify them .

The recall election was scheduled to be held on May 6, 2014. However, at the request of Whirlpool Corporation and the puppet mayor James Hightower, the Berrien County Sheriff Department began an investigation to stop the recall election by intimidating the Benton Harbor residents who had signed the recall petition. LAW ENFORCEMENT STARTED KICKING DOORS AT 3 O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING

On April 24, 2014 prosecutor Mike Sepic, another puppet for Whirlpool Corporation, decide to charge Rev. Edward Pinkney to stop the recall election.

The attack on democracy in Benton Harbor shows the corporation power structure
is determined to crush anyone who stands in their way.

Benton Harbor voters will be asked in November 2017 to approve a city income tax, after the ballot proposal was ok'd by the Benton Harbor City Commissioners on Monday July 17, 2017.

If the voters approve the proposal Benton Harbor city businesses and city residents will pay 1% on income, with non-residents, who work in the city will pay .05% tax on the portion of their income earned in the city.

Retirement, unemployment and welfare benefits, compensation for service in the armed forces along with gifts would not be subjected to the city income tax.

The Benton Harbor commissioners also approved a resolution stating that city income tax receipts will be used to repair the streets, alleys and sidewalks, and also for emergencies.

The Benton Harbor city income tax will bring in 4 million dollars every year.

Let's pass the Benton Harbor income tax.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

INN World Report, NYC


Tom Kiely hosts the INN World Report out of NYC tonight and Rev Pinkney will be on, show starts at 7:30 Eastern time.

It is anticipated the Rev. and Tom will talk for about 30 minutes. You MAY have a chance to call in while the Rev. is on or at least sometime later in the program (Tom often asks for callers the last half hour of the 2-hour show which runs 7-9 EST).

Find the streaming links here:


First and foremost Christina Wilke a white resident of Berrien County, Michigan said, she feel compelled to add the disclaimer that her letter is no way political. Christina is absolutely correct, it is racist.

She also claimed, she support the constitution, if you do support the constitution of the United State of America, you would have been protesting, the Berrien County courthouse on July 11, 2017. It is obvious  you are without morals Christina.

Joe Zangaro and Ron Kienzie both knew about the corruption inside Berrien County. The murder of Martell Hadley by a Berrien County Sheriff. The 50 or more women, who was sexually assaulted by the Berrien County sheriff department and you said nothing.Former Commissioner Robert Wooley stealing more than a million dollars and you said nothing.

All the families that has been destroyed by Judge Dennis Wiley, Judge Scott Schofield, Judge Charles LaSata, Judge Sterling Schrock,Judge Art Cotter,and prosecutors Mike Sepic and James Cherry.

Berrien County justice, the measure of menand states,has been the subject of discussion over the centuries.To define justice properly, one must consider the action of man as they they affect the well being of others. We would suggest that justice can properly bedefined as the process by which each receive, what is duehim, and it does not matter, if a person is black or white. To give to others, what is due, is the essence of justice and involves the concept of duty and obligation.This is the failure of Berrien County courthouse and why you should have been protesting on July 11.

Christina Wilke, I received more than 15, 000 letters from all over the world, denouncing the corruption inside the Berrien County Courthouse, which also include more than 50 letters from St. Joseph, Michigan and 5 from Three Oak, Michigan.

One letter really got my attention from St Joseph a wealthy white resident said 33% of all Berrien County residents were good people, but 67% are bad people , liars, corrupt and racist. She said the bad people the 67% over power the 33% that are good folks by intimidating, harassing and threatening.

I find it very sad that you did not had enough compassion or morals to stand up for the women, who were sexually assulted. Christina wilke you should have joined the protest on July 11, 2017 and help stop the corruption inside Berrien County Courthouse.

The American criminal justice system , justice is totally absent.There is no such thing as justice in Berrien County Courthouse.    
Rev Edward Pinkney