Saturday, November 06, 2010

Racial injustice never stops rearing its ugly head in Berrien County

Innocent 17 year old in jail for murder

The most recent case involves murder charges against a trio of African-American youths all who have been jailed awaiting trial in January.

Dequarius Stewart and Kanisha Dyer, cousins, were hanging around outside a store in Benton Harbor when Lavors Coats, 17, comes along. A Mr. Kusiak, middle-aged and white, had entered the store earlier, and Dequarius asked Lavors to see if he had any money.

Coats goes in and comes back saying Kusiak had no money. He was trying to protect Kusiak from harm. Kusiak then comes out and goes down the street where Dequarius was waiting. Dequarius hit Kusiak several times, killing him.

BHPD and detective officer Wes Smigielski arrived along with the FBI (presumably because Kusiak was white.)

During the preliminary examination in the notorious Berrien County Courthouse, det. officer Wes Smigielski stated that Coats said Krusiak had a little money, along with other untruths. Courtroom attendees could tell that Smigielski was obviously lying each time he made a statement. Coats was branded the "lookout" by Smigielski.

The paid defense attorney, extremely uncommon in the Berrien County courthouse, let Lavors Coats explain that he just didn't want Krusiak to get hurt, and told Dequarius that Krusiak had no money. The judge then abruptly said, "Lavors Coats, Dequarius Stewart, and Kanisha Dyer will be going to trial for murder."

Knowledgeable observers are rightfully outraged over how Berrien County law enforcement and judicial system have gone to great lengths to complicate a straightforward case. But, as it has been said, not one but three black youths have been taken off the street to the obvious satisfaction of authorities. Hidden agenda: state protected Whirlpool is devouring land and does whatever necessary to eradicate it of African-Americans.


Anonymous said...

Man Wes Smigielki must be a town hero .

Anonymous said...

Hero he definitely is not. Racist, liar & evil sinner is what he is"

Anonymous said...

I believe 199% that all of this is true. Would like to say he done this same thing to a white Christian man from another city who happened to b driving through benton harbor. This man was assaulted & laughed @ when he said he was a Christian man & was innocent of what he was accused. A woman was made a deal to be his liar in this case. We thought he was the only 1 until I read this. Wow. He really is trying to destroy these young men. Agreed. He needs stopped now!

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