Saturday, August 22, 2009

Beyond Anything Imaginable in the Year 2009

These photos were taken Aug 15, 2009 prior to the NAACP organizational meeting in Benton Harbor, MI.

The first 4 photos are of signs found on every corner in the lavish downtown area of St. Joseph, MI where the white town has parks, a huge beach, band shell, art center and sculptures. It is a destination for the wealthy and the white as evidenced by the signs.

The two sculptures are part of St. Joseph summer art.

About one mile away, over the bridge one can see Benton Harbor where a new road (federal stimulus dollars?) is going toward the Jack Nicklaus Golf Course with an approved strip club. Benton Harbor land was taken by Harbor Shores (Whirlpool) for the huge development.

These two buildings are indicative of the overall infrastructure of Benton Harbor. There is a small gentrified area of Benton Harbor where artists have purchased buildings cheaply and put their studios, etc. Overall, Benton Harbor has one little fountain surrounded by a fence so that no one can get close to it, an old house as an historical museum, and a large police presence.


Anonymous said...

what exactly is your point. Just because people in saint joseph choose not sit on the porch and drink 40's all day and sell drugs is not any fault of theirs. Drive in Saint Joseph and then drive in Benton Harbor. Kids on Benton Harbor are on the streets and doing stuff that no kids should do. Parental responsiblity. Kids in Saint Joseph are run by their parnets and listen.

Stop blaming everything on Whirlpool and White people. The minute something nice is built in Benton Harbor someone puts gang signs on it or ruin it by the way they live. No fault of White People. The city is run by a bunch of idiots that make the sensable ones leave the comminson. The money is spent on needless items. like trash collection just because it is black owned.

what more can I say. Life styles are just different. People choose to live the way that they do. You or I can not change that. The more that I look at it. BANCO is the racist. They only beleive that the white people are better. No one really cares anymore. No one tells anyone to sell drugs, No one tells anyone to start street fights, No one tells anyone to sit on the porch and get drunk all day, No one tells anyone not to rob someone, No one tells anyone anything. It is the life that person chooses no matter what color they are. So stop with the white black shit and start saying if someone made a choice they made it for them selves. Anyone can be anything if the work at it. WORK at it. IT seems like no one in Benton Harbor wants to work al they want to do is live off the state and cause problems and raise their kids to be like them, A handful of people there actually want a change but they can not get it because of the majority does not want it.

Pickney is a complete idiot and he stands for nothing. He is no hereo to the black population and he is no man of GOD. No man of GOD would be a racist. Sorry that is just the truth.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for taking the time to show those outside of Berrien County exactly what the Whirlpool/Herald Palladium propaganda "partnership" have created.

Anonymous said...

BANCO? Are you sure it’s not BONKERS? Give it a rest there “Mail Order Preacher” STOP reversing what the late great Martin Luther King stood for….”Equality for all man kind” Go to the library and learn the real story and start taking responsibility for your own actions and lay off the poor pitiful me crap… Oh’, I need to be taken care of because my ancestors were fed to lions for sport and if they claimed to be Christians they were hung for amusement!!…How stupid does that sound Rev?

Anonymous said...

Again, these types of comments are perfect. They augment the "believability" of information
reported on this weblog.

Readers: attitudes and bigoted values as revealed in the above comment may not be the norm, or even prevalent in Berrien County. But Michigan is waking up to the fact that this distorted, racist thinking is most common in this county above all others.

Anonymous said...

I seem to recall, two years ago Benton Harbor was offered an extremely elegant and attractive street art display. According to the Associated Press it was privately sponsored and locally sculptured but the city officials “Nixed” the project while it was in full swing. Goggle “Benton Harbor Mermaids”. The city is playing the “Martyr Game” and keeping racism alive thus receiving those State & Federal funds…how many times does the State need to come in to straighten out their incompetents’? Plus, I’m Black! The Mermaid Display would have been a wonderful thing.

Anonymous said...

I am not understanding this pastor. You are suppose to be a MAN OF THE CLOTH, but it is obvious that you are raising more hell and chaos than anyone I have ever seen. We are trying to get past segregation and you are keeping it going. We are all God's creations including gorillas. I am sure that if this gorilla was white, you would still have something to say about that. I hope that you are able to let go of your anger and hatred and get past this. I have been in trouble and served time as well, but we all learn from our mistakes and move on. I see you are sitting around expecting a pity party, you did the crime, you have to do the time. So many times when people get caught it is always black and white. Guess what? I am black and I think that you are full of crap and are no man of God, if you were you would be trying to bring these communities together rather than tear them apart. Rev. it is no longer 1960, and if you were treated so wrong, that's because you brought it upon yourself. I am from the south and have felt and know what racism is, it's in most people, some show it, some don't, but you make it so obvious, and that's a shame, coming from a pastor. I would like to know what God you serve, my God doesn't judge by color, not sure about yours. Keep your head high and serve God if that's what you are planning on doing, if not join a gang and live this life style that you are trying to instill in others. SHAME ON YOU. "SECOND 2 NONE"

Anonymous said...

Does anyone even think these articles through before posting? Check any facts?

Ok, the first section... the 4 photos of the surveilance signs. They were put up to discourage vandals from messing with the painted statues they have put around town. In the past they have had them broken and stolen. Putting up those signs discourages most. They weren't put up because of the NAACP rally. Nice to point out the great ape statues... as though they were racist. They also have giraffes and ostriches as well as other zoo animals.

Second section.. new road going toward the Jack Nicklaus golf course... do you even know where Harbor Shores is? It is no where near main street. You'd have to jog over a mile down side streets. It is being redone because it is MAIN STREET. Sheesh.

Last section. These two buildings are a block away from the "gentrified" area. The buildings the artists bought were basically ready for tear down. Cornerstone Alliance helped to keep those historic buildings from being levelled and instead got some brave souls to move into there and create businesses.

In the downtown area there is a new park that sometimes hosts farmer's markets and has benches and is very nice. The park with the fountain fenced off just has a little decorative fence surrounding it. There are also 2 other smaller parks in the downtown area with benches, murals, etc.

It must really gall Bankkko to see Benton Harbor being drug back into vitality kicking and screaming. The downtown area has more businesses and is in better shape than it has been since the 80's.


Anonymous said...

I am a black man in Benton Harbor and I know One of the Artists of the gorillas personelly. Let me tell you they are not racist. It is simply crazy for you to make that judgement. There are many animals all over the city and these ones just happen to be gorillas. We need to appreciate their tallents not put them down. THINK about it!

Anonymous said...

The last time I checked real gorillas are actually black in color. Lets get real people.

Anonymous said...

Below are further comments revealing
the culture of racism in Berrien County. The "culture" has been established and fomented in this bizarre, anachronistic Michigan county by the controlling corporation, Whirlpool, it's main media arm, the Herald Palladium, it's hall of injustice, the Berrien County Courthouse, and other related people and insitutions - including US Rep. Fred Upton.

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