Friday, February 20, 2009

Herald Palladium WATCH
One woman propaganda machine: Wendy-Dant Chesser, Herald Palladium board, Cornerstone Alliance President, Harbor Shores Trustee, Alliance for World-Class Communities officer. (H-P sold in 2000 to Paxton Media Group, Paducah, Ky. Whirlpool VP Jeff Noel from Ky.)

A Distinct Pattern Develops: Harbor Shores Wins, Benton Harbor Loses

City plans to begin work on 100-year-old system in April

by J.Swidwa H-P 2/18/09 (shortened article with commentary in CAPS)

BENTON HARBOR - The City Commission on Tuesday approved the final bid for Phase 1 of the city's sewer separation project, awarding the work to Southwest Transport Co. of Coloma for $185,085. (WHIRLPOOL & CORNERSTONE ALLIANCE ACTUALLY APPROVED THIS. THEY CONTROL THE BENTON HARBOR CITY COMMISSION DECISIONS.)

The loan would be paid back over 20 years through a combination of wastewater treatment savings resulting from the project and a sewer rate increase for users. AND AGAIN THE RESIDENTS OF BENTON HARBOR LOSE. THEY ARE NOW PAYING 15% HIGHER SEWER RATES (WATER RATES ALSO JUST INCREASED) SO THAT HARBOR SHORES, WHIRLPOOL, CORNERSTONE, AND THE WEALTHY OF ST. JOSEPH MAY BENEFIT.

The sewer repair plan is the result of a year-long study of the city's 100-year-old sewer system and will coincide, in part, with a Main Street reconstruction project planned earlier. THE SEWER REPAIR PROJECT IS BEING PLANNED TO BENEFIT HARBOR SHORES, NOT BH RESIDENTS.


WilliamX said...

Gordon, Why have you changed the
format to post on this site? Who made you GOD?
Don't remove anything I post here,
due to the fact that this site has
a bunch of racist posts against
Rev Pinkney, and I am starting to
wonder about you.

Benton Harbor can recover from
this 3 decade hardship struggle.
All you people have to do is stop
being affaid of Glen Yardbrough
and Chief Mingo. Because they are
puppets for H.C and his group of
Klans (including Whirlpool).

If Harbor Shores was built to
give rebith to the area that
would be okay, but its not being
built for that purpose, and this
is why Benton Harbor is losing.

Stop being House & Field Negros
for these people who do not give
a damn about you. Plus look at
the way these White folks have
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of their hate they have.

(This is my second Post within
the last 40 minutes, and I am
commenting again because my post
was not posted). Don't Remove My
Post, due to the fact that this
site do support Freedom of Speech.

Regardless to whatever the Rev's
past life was, its what he is
doing today to help, and digging
up his past is a cowardly act.

The Only reason why Harbor Shores
will win is because of you scared negros.

Anonymous said...

Detroit WilliamX

Sometimes this Website doesn’t save the posting correctly and I doubt Gordon removed your post as claimed. Your word usage, sentence construct, thought process, perspective, moral standards, and demeanor are truly a reflection of BANCO values and principles. Readers should be encouraged to link Detroit WilliamX to BANCO.

WilliamX said...

For your information Under Cover Fag. HELL YEAH, I am part of
Rev Pinkney's organization, and I
have nothing to hide Bitch.

It seems to me that you are the
one who is always hiding as a anonymous. I am posting in my
real name, due to the fact that I have Nothing to hide, and unlike
you I am not affaid to speak out
in my real name.

See you are like all others your
color. You think that you know Gordon (or whatever her name is)
but you don't, and besides the lady is a true supporter of
REv Pinkney.

Again you have overloaded your mouth by speaking about something
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