Sunday, January 04, 2009

Whirpool Flexes it's Muscles (again & again & again)

On Oct. 27 the Michigan State Police questioned Benton Harbor chief of police Al Mingo *without permission from Whirlpool* on the theft of 2 guns and multiple police radios by BH police officers. State Police also released details of their investigation to the media. Unbelievably, Capt. Mays, the commander of the State Police Post in Bridgeman was forced, most likely by WPool, to apologize to chief Mingo for the questioning.

Despite the apology, the State Police are going ahead with a three part investigation of the BHarbor police: 1. guns stolen by police 2. selling cars on ebay which were stolen by police from BH residents 3. recently indicted officer Andrew Collins planting drugs on Benton Harbor residents for many years. (Collins arrested more BHarbor citizens than any other cop; he always kept drugs at the ready in his pocket for possible planting on citizens. His illegal behavior was known throughout the dept., by all the chiefs, by most BHarbor residents - many of whom have suffered immeasurably from his actions, and certainly by WPool and the Berrien County Courthouse - who possibly encouraged his illegal actions?)

Congratulations to the State Police for moving ahead with this work. There is a reason why Whirlpool controls law enforcement to behave a certain way in Benton Harbor,
but completely differently in most of the rest of the county. It's been way too long that Whirlpool's boot has been on the neck of Berrien County, along with the assistance of Rep. Fred Upton.

City Manager Richard Marsh was hired by Whirlpool and does not yet quite understand how things work in Berrien County. One thing he seems to have learned, however, is to leave chief Mingo completely alone to do WPool's bidding.

Dorothy Pinkney


WilliamX said...

Welcome To The TimeZone,and
Berrien County along with
Whirlpool Racist,House & the
Field spooks are the main attraction.

Whirlpool may be using its
power over and over, but
their power is nothing to
the Creator's power from on
high. and the ONLY real reason
Blacks are suckered in by whirl
pool is because the company is using them against their own people.

I believe that Berrien County
has made a deal with Whirlpool.
So that Whirlpool can continue
to rule what they call the
Benton Harbor/Berrien County

Which comes with smiling negros,
but they was shocked to learn
that my Brother(Rev Pinkney)was
not one of them butt kissing
negros, and that's why they are
so focus om Rev Pinkney.

Whirlpool is living proof that
Whites hates to be defeated.
Take a good look at the entire
Benton Harbor/Berrien County
setup. They seem to know the
weak negros,and the Blacks that
they are intimindated by all
eyes are on them.

Rev, NEVER forget us who have
been in the battle from day one.
Whirlpool might be a giant,but
remember that little David did
bring the giant down, and Bro
you are a David to them.

Now you sit back, and watch
drive them drive themselves
crazy. Hang in there Sister
Pinkney, due to the fact that
the victory is yours.
Love Always to you Both.
Brother WilliamX

Anonymous said...

Did you know Whirlpool's President, Michael Todman, is black?

How could a company hate black people, yet have a black President? What would Whirlpool gain by hating any race?

And Obama is black, so clearly, racism is a thing of the past anyway.


Anonymous said...

Does Bankkko even realize anymore that Whirlpool is a company that creates appliances? That is their business and it is overseen by a board of directors and shareholders. What in the world would they want with Benton Harbor? They donate millions to it in an attempt to keep people like Bankkko from attacking it.

Exactly what does Benton Harbor have that they could possibly want? Land? Uhm... try again. They can buy the land exactly like that for a tenth the price of the stuff they do for Benton Harbor.

What is their motive?


WilliamX said...

BOB; Did you know Whirlpool's President, Michael Todman, is black?

How could a company hate black people, yet have a black President? What would Whirlpool gain by hating any race?

And Obama is black, so clearly, racism is a thing of the past anyway.

First of all BOB President Obama
isn't a House or Field negro.
Bob I take it that you are white
by trying to justify Whirlpool's
House Negro, but it would not be
a suprise IF whirlpool fired the
negro after using his a**.

In closing you asked the question
What would Whirlpool gain by hating any race?

Clean your glasses Bob, due to
the fact that they are dirty or
you are blind to racism. However
my answer to your question is
because Whirlpool is like the
plantation still like to rule
Black people like Yardbrough &

I do hope that you will clean
your glasses.

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