Friday, January 02, 2009

Berrien County goal of ruining Benton Harbor lives goes on and on and on

Man jailed after drug raid
Jan 1, 09 1:08
BENTON HARBOR - A Benton Harbor man was arrested on drug trafficking charges Wednesday after police served a search warrant at his residence and found suspected crack cocaine and marijuana.

********** of **********was booked at the Berrien County jail on charges of possession of cocaine with intent to deliver, possession of marijuana with intent to deliver and maintaining a drug house, all second offenses.

********was also being held on a civil warrant for failing to appear in court to answer allegations of failing to pay child support.

Detective Sgt. Robert Boyce of the Berrien County sheriff's Narcotics Unit said a search warrant for ******** residence was obtained after a monthlong investigation.

Sheriff's officers served the warrant at 8:15 a.m. and found four adults and three juveniles in the house, Boyce said.

The search turned up suspected crack cocaine with a street value of $500, a small amount of suspected marijuana and other evidence, Boyce said. The juveniles were turned over to family members and three of the adults who were in the house were not charged, Boyce said.


Anonymous said... They caught some drug dealers? Good for them. I thought Bankkko hated the police?


Anonymous said...

In a city that has no watch dogs, the fox is the overseer.

Anonymous said...

How is arresting and prosecuting the people who are ruining Benton Harbor a bad thing?

WilliamX said...

HaHaHaHa,Benton Harbor will alway
be watched by Berrien County.
The same way that ALL White slave
Masters watched over his Slaves.

(Anonymous) How is arresting and prosecuting the people who are ruining Benton Harbor a bad thing?

Its a bad thing because the wrong
people are being arrested. What
about Berien County's goal to run
Benton Harbor like its the plantation?

Whites will never understand the
pain that they have caused the
poor struggling Black man, but
most Blacks are still caught up
in the White man's ruling system,
and the saddess thing for Blacks
is we can't see the harm that we are causing amoung ourselves.

Berrien County and Whirlpool has
violated many Benton Harbor inner
city peoples Civil,Human rights,
and its shoeshine negros like
Yardbrough, and the so-called
Police Chief Mingo who are the
dangerous dogs who does Berrien
County dirty work.

In closing, what is taking place
in Benton Harbor will keep going
until the new generation of young
Blacks take a stand against the
corruption. Remember every dog
gotta day coming.

Anonymous said...

So, rather than do their jobs, the citizens are proposing the Berrien County should leave them alone to possess and sell drugs at their own free will? It really irritates me that people can sit here and say that someone else is ruining their life when they are the one in the wrong. Just because you got caught doesn't mean you are blameless. Here's a thought: Stop breaking the law. Get a respectable job and make your own way. Next, accept responsibility for your own actions. What baffles me is that it's legal for someone to post such a ridiculous blog spreading this garbage to minds incapable from seeing the truth. It's not a black/white thing, black people are the only people who are still making it out to be like that. Like I said, get off you butt and get a real job. and if you're hellbent on stickin it to whitey, get a GREAT job. that'll show him.

Anonymous said...

Mr Anonymous;
I would like to thank you for taken the time out and given your comment the people of Benton Harbor will understand that you are from St Joseph.

Rev Pinkney